The best led umbrellas for adding some sparkle to the darkest nights

Even though the lights are a nice touch, the umbrellas themselves are still fully functional and useful. In the mornings, they protect you and your furniture from bright sunshine and heavier rain. They make great use of your umbrellas in the evening so that you can have some more soft lighting during your evening dinners in the backyard.

Evenings with your friends and family will become a bit brighter and more whimsical with the addition of an umbrella with LED lighting. When you have an LED umbrella light, you add a lot of pizazz to your backyard with a simple addition of a few lights. They add a lot of atmosphere without any need to redo your backyard or add expensive light fixtures all around.

Sunnyglade LED Patio Umbrella

Best User Friendly

Do you get intimidated by the installation and use of lights and equipment? Then the Sunnyglade LED Patio Umbrella will help you ease into using it with its user-friendly design and features. Each umbrella uses a crank to open and close it. The 24 lights are solar powered, and it will power the lights for six hours throughout the night.

ABCCANOPY LED Patio Umbrella

Best Auto-Charging

The ABCCANOPY LED Patio Umbrella is a beautiful umbrella to use day or night. The lights can last for nine to 12 hours from a solar panel at the top of the umbrella. You can switch the lights on and off to save on battery. The umbrella uses a high-quality, fade-resistant fabric that can withstand summer days and windy nights.

Blissun LED Patio Umbrella

Best With Vent

The Blissun LED Patio Umbrella is covered in gorgeous LED lights that will brighten any evening or cloudy afternoon. This umbrella has a convenient vent at the top to allow for air flow so you can ensure that your lights never overheat. The fabric is waterproof and blocks UV rays to efficiently keep you safe during use. This umbrella can tilt and cranks open and closed.

Bring the delight of LED lights to your home with these fun and beautiful LED umbrellas. They will add to the atmosphere of your garden in a soft glow that cannot be beat. Combine the convenience of an umbrella and the functionality of lighting fixtures all in one handy purchase.