The best grafting tools for pruning root stock to help your garden bloom

Grafting your garden can really take your craft to the next level. The best way to raise the possibility of success is to use the best plant grafting tools you can. You can add new varieties of flowers to a strong, mature shrub or add new varieties of apples to your orchard without growing new trees.

Grafting is a gardening technique used to join two plants into one. Grafted plants use the roots and bottom half of one plant, normally called the rootstock, and attach a tender shoot or scion from the top portion of another plant. Check out this curated selection of the best grafting tools available to achieve this popular gardening strategy.

Funteck Grafting Tools

Most Versatile

The amazing Funteck Grafting Tools kit has all you need for your pruning, grafting, and gardening needs. You can perform three types of grafts with this kit: V-grafts, Omega-grafts, and U-grafts. It is the best tool for all your branch trimming as well. It includes an extra set of blades, two paraffin tapes, a wrench, a screwdriver, and a grafting knife packaged in a storage case.

Zalalova Garden Grafting Tools

Most Durable

For those always looking for the most durable solution, the Zalalova Garden Grafting Tools are a kit of professional-grade grafting tools made with high-quality materials. The kit has a complete selection of all the tools you need to successfully perform a variety of grafting techniques. This set includes pruning tools, three replaceable blades, a screwdriver, a wrench, two grafting films, 160 rubber bands, 40 wide rubber bands, and 50 colorful tag cards.

Naye Grafting Gardening Knife

Best With Multiple Blades

Simplify your pruning and gardening needs with the Naye Grafting Gardening Knife, a simple and compact solution that features both a hawkbill blade and a straight blade with a bark lifter. The handle is made of luxurious rosewood, providing a good grip and stylish appearance. This kit also includes grafting tape and a dozen of plant labels that you can write on.

Don’t be intimidated by the process of grafting your trees and plants. Although it sounds advanced, with some practice and the right tools, you will be creating hybrid plants in no time. Review our list of suggestions, and pick the right grafting tools and supplies needed to achieve your gardening goals.