The best gold curtain rods to add a touch of elegance to your space

Curtain rods don’t have to be plain or boring. Adding a fun accent color with a gold curtain rod is a great way to express your sense of style. And just because it’s gold doesn’t mean you’ll have to break the bank. You won’t have to spend much to bring a touch of magic to your space.

If you want an easy, affordable way to add a little something extra to a room, installing a gold curtain rod is a great option. While many curtain rods opt for more basic colors like black, white, and brown, a gold curtain rod brings glitz and glamour to your space. Gold pairs well with rich, jewel tones, but it also provides a nice sparkle against lighter hues, making it a flattering accent color for any color scheme.

Ivilon Window Curtain Rod

Best Warm Gold

Available in four different sizes, this gold curtain rod is elegant and understated while adding a slight gleam to your window treatments. If you love warm tones, this might be a great option for your space. The sleek, minimal finish compliments any style, whether you want to keep things modern or add modern touches to an otherwise traditionally styled room.

Kenney Chelsea Window Curtain Rod

Best Soft Gold Color

If you favor lighter hues and don’t want your curtain rod to stand out too much, Kenney Chelsea’s decorative curtain rod might be right up your alley. It features sleek, rounded finials and comes in two adjustable sizes, so you’ll be able to find the perfect gold curtain rod no matter the size of your windows. Best of all, this curtain rod comes with matching hardware and curtain rod brackets to provide extra stability and prevent your curtain rod from sagging.

Decopolitan Curtain Rod

Best Telescoping

If you want a gold shower curtain rod, Decopolitan has a great option for you. This beautiful, gold curtain rod is made from steel, so it’s rust-resistant and shower-safe. This rod supports up to 25 pounds, so there’s no need to worry about the security of your curtain rod if you use it for heavy drapery instead of in the shower. Available in three sizes, the telescoping feature means it can adjust to a variety of window sizes. This curtain rod also comes with all the hardware you need as well as an installation guide.

Warm tones add a touch of glamour and brighten up a room, and gold is the warmest of all. Whether you’re looking for a gold shower curtain rod or gold double curtain rods, you’ll find plenty of stylish options available online. Adding a gold curtain rod is a fantastic way to spruce up your windows and showers, bringing a touch of glam into any space.