The best glass pitcher for water, tea, and other drinks

A glass pitcher is such a great serving item. It provides a service whether serving lemonade or storing water in the fridge. Pitchers are wonderful tools, and every kitchen needs a good one. This list of our favorite choices for the best glass pitcher provides precisely what you need.

You need a glass water pitcher for a lot of different things. The glass pitchers on our list provide durable, well-made designs with attractive looks that you can leave out if you need to. Each option offers a wonderful choice for your kitchen. Here are our best options for a glass pitcher, so let’s get started.

Hiware Glass Pitcher

Best Mixed-Use

This glass, multiuse pitcher provides a highly durable server that allows you to pour boiling water directly into the pitcher without danger. It's double annealed and contains a lid filter made of stainless steel. The ergonomic handle is comfortable to hold, and it provides a nice gift box so that you can give it as a hostess gift if you want. Overall, it's a workhorse.

Takeya Airtight Pitcher

Best Innovative

The streamlined glass pitcher with an airtight lid is shatterproof and leakproof. The design is meant to fit into small places so that you can store it anywhere. The material can withstand boiling water and ice-cold water, so you never have to consider how the liquid will affect your pitcher. You can use it and toss it in the dishwasher each time.

Brita Stream Water Pitcher

Best With Filter

Brita is a huge name in filtered water, and now you can have instant pour capability with its water pitcher. This glass water-filter pitcher provides a solution for your water needs, storing filtered water in your fridge and pouring easily. It has a simple design, and you'll need to change the filter out periodically to keep your water fresh.

A pitcher is a vital part of your kitchen gear, and the ones on our list provide durability and service. Once you’ve decided on your pitcher, you can have what you need to hold your favorite beverages. These choices are well-made and look great.