The best double curtain rod brackets to customize the curtain setup in your home

Usually, when you are setting up your brackets, you will need a few mounting fixtures. Most commonly, those are screws and wall anchors. Each bracket will usually provide you with the right screws necessary to get the job done or they will specify the kinds of implements you will need to secure them. These specifications are important because the last thing you want is a faulty bracket that can fall at any moment.

Brackets come in many different shapes and sizes. You will want to look for ones that will hold your rods properly, especially if your rods are of two differing sizes. If you have a rod that is heavy-duty, you want to make sure that the bracket can handle that and another curtain entirely. You also cannot forget the aesthetic features of the brackets themselves. You want everything to look good together.

AddGrace Double Curtain Rod Bracket

Easiest to Install

If you are a no-nonsense individual looking for the easiest and quickest brackets to install, then the AddGrace Double Curtain Rod Bracket is just what you need. The bracket is styled to give you a vintage feel. The larger bracket can handle a rod up to 1 inch in diameter while the second one can hold a 5/8-inch rod. The steel brackets just need a few screws and you will get the perfect support for your double curtain rods.

TLBTEK Double Curtain Rod Brackets

Best Value

Got a lot of double curtain rods you need to put up but don’t want to spend a ton of money? Do you have a longer double curtain rod set that will need more brackets than the standard two? Then the TLBTEK Double Curtain Rod Brackets are the right choice for you. You can grab a whole set of these double curtain rod brackets and easily set up multiple rods around the house or provide the right amount of support that a longer rod would need. You can easily install these for your new curtain rods or replace old ones that have become out of date.

TEJATAN Double Curtain Rod Brackets

Longest Protrusion

The TEJATAN Double Curtain Rod Brackets are great when you are looking for a larger distance between your curtains and your windows. These brackets can hold rods of up to 1.1 inches. The black rod holder has an extra safety precaution that holds the rod in place. The double screwing method for mounting these brackets ensures they will securely stay attached to your wall.

Setting up your double curtains should not be a pain, and when you purchase one of these great brackets you will see that it can be simpler and easier than you thought. Get the right brackets for your curtains and see how much better your room looks in no time.