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The best curtain rods for 66- to 120-inch windows

Looking into curtain rods requires the same kind of planning that you do when you look through curtain designs. Look at the functions of a curtain rod: Is it the kind of decorative style you want? Can it carry the weight of the curtains you have? Will it let curtains curve around the edges to block out all sunlight? Keeping these needs in mind while you are shopping around will prevent any buyer’s remorse when it comes to your curtain rods.

Curtain rods come in many shapes and sizes, and for those larger windows, you will need to be careful about the installation and implementation of your curtains. Since larger windows have more space to cover, you have to have the right kinds of supporting brackets that will go along the length of the curtain rod. This ensures an even distribution of weight so your curtain rod does not fall under the weight of the curtains.

Rod Desyne Window Curtain Rod

Best for Valances

If you want another detail to add to your curtains and windows, the Rod Desyne Window Curtain Rod is perfect for adding a valance. The valance is a trendy way to add flair to your windows as well as an extra barrier against sunlight. The 2-inch curtain rod is a heavy-duty rod that is meant for valances and pocket curtains, but make sure you do not add your own heavy-duty curtains to it since it was not built for anything heavier than a valance.

H.Versailtex Window Curtain Rod

Best for Heavy Curtains

Heavy drapes require heavy-duty rods. The H.Versailtex Window Curtain Rod has a 3/4-inch diameter that can carry heavy curtains and drapes. This is especially great when you want something for grommet, back-tab, and tab-top curtains. The resin finials on the ends are bright and modern, and they will surely make your curtains stand out from the rest of the room. You can choose from three different finishes to suit your style.

Sun Zero Window Curtain Rod

Best for Large Windows

The Sun Zero Window Curtain Rod will help cover up any large window from harsh rays of sunlight throughout the day. The wraparound design lets your curtains reach to the walls of your room so that every inch is covered by your favorite set of blackout curtains. The 3/4-inch diameter is suited for larger windows and will support the heavy drapery you add to it.

Larger windows are a unique challenge to interior design, and planning around them can be quite the task. But with the right curtain rods and the right windows, you can add the kind of style and finish you want to really support the rest of your home decor.

The best movie posters to decorate a film buff’s home
the best movie posters for horror and star wars poster

You’re not quite into abstract drawings or contemporary art, but you are obsessed with film. When you want to express your love for movies, a movie poster on your wall is the tasteful way to go. Whether you’re into blockbuster films or mystery thrillers, we’ve highlighted the top movie posters on this list to guide your decision.

A movie poster is a work of art that encapsulates a movie’s theme without giving away the plot. Some posters are minimalist, while others are a straight screen grab from the movie. When choosing your print, consider what element of the movie you want to highlight — the main characters, the set, the people behind the scenes, etc. Try a multifilm movie poster if you’re a movie buff that just can’t decide on a single movie. For now, let’s take a look at our top picks.
Trends International ‘Star Wars’ Poster
Best for ‘Star Wars’ Fans

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The best wall murals for paint- and nail-free home decor
the best wall murals for bedrooms and stick on mural

Modern murals are easy to apply and are an easy DIY project to change up your home. If you have limited space to make an interior design statement, utilize your walls for a dramatic makeover. We’ve highlighted our favorite wall murals to help you choose the one for your accent wall.

Mural walls come in various installation methods. Peel-and-stick wall murals stay on your wall via an adhesive side. There are also mural wall decals that are smaller in size and 3D wall murals that are smaller still.

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The best banners for simple wall decor in any space
aop version 412 best banners

Every day is a celebration, and banners don’t need to be reserved for special occasions. Use banners as wall art to decorate any room that needs a bit of fun and liveliness. These accessories can bring an entire room together and turn a bland wall into a conversation starter.

When it’s time to celebrate a special occasion, a banner can let everyone know that the party is on. They immediately add a sense of happiness and set the mood for your festivities, making them an unforgettable event that marks a special day for those who attend. Let’s take a look at our favorite banners.
PartyHooman Baby's 1st Birthday Banner
Best for New Parents

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