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The best curtain rings to add that extra touch to your curtain choice

Is it color? Is it design? Is it size? Or, is it what they’re made of? What is the most important aspect of curtain rod rings? That’s what you need to ask yourself when you’re trying to match rings to your new curtains. Maybe one of these leading curtain rod ring sets is the answer, even if the new curtains happen to be of the shower variety.

Curtain rod rings can be stylish, bold, provocative, conservative, old-fashioned looking, modern or shiny, among a host of other looks. The design and composition of the rings hinge on the color and style of the curtains you plan to hang. Perhaps one of these appealing and functional curtain rod ring sets can offer the look and feel you need.

MAYTEX TEX Glide Hooks Shower Curtain Rings

Best for Shower Curtains

When scoping out rings for a shower curtain, you might find the MAYTEX TEX Glide Hooks Shower Curtain Rings are a top-notch choice. The set of 12 attractive oil-rubbed bronze metal rings feature friction-free double roller glides, so it’s easier to open and close a curtain. Designed to fit all standard-size shower curtain rods, the rings are made of durable and rust-resistant metal.

TEJATAN Metal Curtain Rings With Clips and Eyelets

Best for Heavy Curtains

If you’re concerned curtain rings can’t hold up to your heavy curtains, give the TEJATAN Metal Curtain Rings With Clips and Eyelets a try. The set of 30 black rings is engineered to support a lot of weight. They feature a strong tension clip to accommodate heavier applications and include eyelets and removable clips.

Anello Premium Clip Rings for Drapery Rod

Best Set of 14

Searching for good curtain rod rings that exceed a dozen in one package? Then the 14-count Anello Premium Clip Rings for Drapery Rod might be for you. The black extra-thick and solid iron rings sport a stylish electroplated black finish and feature a stronger tension clip to support heavier applications.

Keep your living room or shower curtains stylishly and permanently in place by hanging them on solid and dependable curtain rod rings. These top-notch and top-performing rings have looks and function to spare.