The best curtain lights to create a warm comforting ambiance in your home

Not only do these lights come as a way of brightening a room, but many of them can have different shapes and features. If you would like something other than the customary fairy curtain lights, then you can find lights in different shapes to fit the decor of any room. You can also find many light curtains with different settings, from fast twinkling to slow dim that can change the mood of a room instantly.

Curtain lights can be placed around your room for different effects. When they are hung behind or over your bed, you can create a cove of warm lights that twinkle like fairies around you. If you want a dedicated space for creativity and inspiration, a fairy curtain light placed in a section of your room will maintain that feeling in your space. You can even use them during special events as a beautiful picture backdrop that is easy to set up and take down.

Brightown Hanging Window Curtain Lights

Most Customizable Lights

The Brightown Hanging Window Curtain Lights is a 300-bulb, LED light curtain that easily adds brightness to a room. The curtain is a 9.8-foot square of strung bulbs that does not leave a single square inch nonilluminated. The lights come with a remote that gives you eight choices of lighting sequences, as well as a dimmer that lets you adjust the brightness of the lights. Turn on the timer and you will get a consistent 6 hours of light and 18 hours of darkness, allowing you to come home to the lights perfectly set up without having to lift the remote.

Twinkle Star LED Curtain String Lights

Best Star-Shaped

These adorable Twinkle Star LED Curtain String Lights bring the “twinkle twinkle little star” right into your room. The lights come with a string of stars — some small and full of light, and some larger that leave a twinkling outline. The star LED curtain lights staggers the stars so you get a string of lights that are right out of a storybook. This is perfect if you want to place them above your bed or near a window to give you a consistent fantasy look when you are just lounging around and looking for a calming effect.

YEOLEH String Lights Curtain

Most Interactive

The beautiful YEOLEH String Lights Curtain holds more surprises than just being a beautiful set of LED curtain lights. Along with being shimmering beauties that will instantly make your room cozier, the string of lights has four different sound options that will make your lights “dance” to whatever sound or music you are playing in the room. This makes it a great party decoration, as well, to delight your guests.

Wherever you put up a light curtain, you will be greeted by a warm glow and a welcoming presence. Your customization options are endless as these curtains can be fashioned into different shapes and placements. You will find that your enjoyment of them will be endless, too.