The best butter dishes to keep your butter fresh and enjoy next-level entertaining

With a butter dish, you no longer have to worry about flies, dust, or other things touching your butter as it sits on the table waiting for dinner time. Butter dishes are designed to perfectly fit the standard-size stick of butter. It is the best way to keep butter and has been a staple in nearly every household. Butter dishes come in many designs, shapes, sizes, and colors to perfectly fit your style. Just because it holds your butter doesn’t mean it can’t look cute while doing it. Most dishes are either glass or plastic with glass being slightly more elegant and classy. Your table setting will only be enhanced with a beautiful butter dish to complete the meal.

To make your experience with butter even better, ensure it is stored properly in its own designated butter dish. Butter dishes can make meal prep, table setting, and cooking more convenient and easy than you could imagine. A butter dish provides an unwrapped, covered stick of butter, so there is no fumbling with paper wrappers or trying to cut butter on your counter. Butter dishes solve any headaches you may have had with finicky butter and will make butter that much more enjoyable for you.

OXO Good Grips Butter Dish

Best Overall

The OXO Good Grips Butter Dish is a great butter dish for any kitchen. It has stoppers on either side of the dish, which helps keep butter secured and in place while cutting. This product also has convenient and useful tablespoon measurement markings to make cooking and baking a breeze. This butter dish has a clear lid that will rest easily on the dish without the risk of sliding off, making it easy for transport and removal. This butter dish is designed to keep butter from sliding off and dirtying the lid. It accommodates all short and long butter stick sizes.

Butterie Flip-Top Butter Dish with Matching Spreader

Best Features

The Butterie Flip-Top Butter Dish with Matching Spreader is made with a compact design that measures approximately 9 inches long, 5.5 inches wide and 3 inches high. This product protects butter while keeping your countertop, fridge, and table clean. This butter dish can easily accommodate a variety of butter stick sizes. It is made from BPA-free, hard plastic. It is made to be shatterproof with easy grip handles and a nonslip base. This product is also dishwasher and microwave safe. It includes a matching spreader that fits in the specially designed holder on the front of the dish. This butter dish is available in 10 fun colors.

Granrosi Butter Dish With Wooden Lid

Best Design

The Granrosi Butter Dish With Wooden Lid is an antique-designed butter dish with a wooden lid. It is an absolute eye catcher on every kitchen counter. This product makes for a great, unique gift for family and friends. This butter tray is 6 inches long, 3.9 inches wide and 2.7 inches high. This product can hold two standard-size sticks, one large stick or a half-pound block. This butter tray has a thick, wooden 18mm lid to seal the butter in tightly. It prevents butter from losing freshness. This product is long-lasting and sturdy. It is made from high-quality enamel that absorbs hits or falls easily.

While searching for the perfect butter dish, it is important to look for one with a cover. If it doesn’t have a cover, your butter will be at risk to bugs, dust, hair, and more. Some dishes come with smart design features like measurements to help make measuring quick and efficient. These dishes will make meal prep, serving, and cooking a breeze. You will love how convenient these dishes are. Butter is a staple in your home, and a handy, sanitary, safe butter dish should be one too.