The best bat house kit for creating nest spaces for your favorite creatures of the night

Mosquitos cause many diseases that can lead to serious diseases and even death. Bats love to eat mosquitos, often consuming as much as their weight in a single night.

Bat houses attract bats to nest in your yard and provides them a location to call home. These flying mammals will definitely solve your mosquito problem. To help you pick the best bat house kit, we’ve done our research and rounded the best brands here.

While looking to buy bat houses, you need to consider what type of wood it is crafted from. Cedar bat house kits are always a great choice, since it has natural weather-resistant properties. Bats prefer a warm environment. So, if you live in a cold climate, bat houses with dark shades are the best option, since it absorbs heat quickly. The hotter the climate, the lighter color you should choose.

Another important thing is the size of the house. Always choose a large-sized bat house. Large size means more space to hang. Large houses have better heat exchange properties and more internal space for roosting, birthing, and nursing bat pups. Now, take a look at our list to determine which one is suitable for you.

BIGBATBOX Bat Houses for Outdoors

Best Two-Chamber

The BIGBATBOX Bat house comes with two separate chambers that can house up to 75 bats. This bat house will provide you with the best double-chamber model. The house is hand-crafted from cedarwood, making it is durable in any weather. The bat house also comes with weatherproof stainless-steel hardware. Everything is preassembled.

Applewood Outdoor Bat House

Best Value

The Applewood Outdoor Bat House provides the best bang for your buck. Built from western red cedar, it is naturally resistant to rot and insect damage. 3/4-inch-thick lumber ensures better insulation and a cozy environment for the bats. It comes with predrilled holes, a sturdy hanger, and 2-1/2-inch exterior-grade deck screws for numerous mounting options.

Kenley Outdoor Bat Box

Best Platform

The Kenley Outdoor Bat Box has a two-room design with a well-spaced roosting area for bats. Hand-crafted from cedarwood, the house is preassembled and comes with a sturdy hanger for easy installation on pole, tree, or wall.

Bats are the best possible natural solution to a mosquito problem and a healthy alternative to mosquito-repellant chemicals. So, getting the best bat house kit you can find is an excellent investment.

Make sure you place the bat house about 12 feet high above the ground in a well-sheltered spot with direct sunlight to attract local bats. Fortunately, all of the bat house kits on our list provide safe, spacious roosting space and a cozy environment for bats to nest at any climate.