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7 beautiful Crate & Barrel outdoor furniture collections to transform your yard

With warmer temps and starry evenings, it’s time to choose an outdoor set. From sofas to side tables, Crate and Barrel outdoor furniture collections have something for everyone’s design tastes. Since you want your patio area to reflect your sense of charm, the seven outdoor furniture collections we have highlighted below will certainly capture your style and suit your needs:

The ultimate comfort for an outdoor movie night

If you love relaxing coffee dates, late-night conversations, or everything in between, you have found your option. This set from the Crate and Barrel outdoor furniture collection is not only weather-resistant, but the handwoven wicker chairs also have deep-set seats for ultimate comfort.

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These sofas and ottomans possess the look of classic rattan, and the plush cushions on its boxy frame might remind you of your traditional family sofa. The dining chairs start at $649, the lounge chairs at $1,049, and the sofas come in at $1,799 per piece.

Simple meets sophisticated

As a favorite from the Crate and Barrel collections, this set fits small areas perfectly. The angled ropes and the deep shades of teal or black bring a simple yet sophisticated look to your patio or sunroom. This collection gives a modern twist to traditional rope-wrapped furniture with clean lines and UV-resistant synthetic fiber ropes. The chairs can be yours for $299 apiece, while the lounge chair and dining table cost $449 and $499, respectively.

Perfect for the exotic staycation

Created with both comfort and durability in mind, this Morocco Outdoor Furniture Collection delivers a unique, modern flair to your patio. The woven chairs, chaise lounges, and sectional sofas feature weather-resistant materials and mildew-resistant Sunbrella cushions. The wide seats are perfect for add-ons like blankets and throw pillows. Whether you want a pair of lounge chairs or a mix of sectional sofa pieces, this collection has it all. Dining chairs start at $299, lounge chairs at $599 and $699, with a few different categories of sofas and sectional pieces ranging from $1,149 up to $6,590.

Bringing the indoors out

Crate and Barrel outdoor furniture is known for its distinctive designs that you can’t find elsewhere. And such is the case with the Zuma collection. These stylish chairs are fashioned with a chic, modern look in mind. Plus, the weather-resistant fabrics make this collection perfect for outdoor dining. They are stain and fade-resistant, giving them amazing outdoor durability. All you’re missing is a fire pit and a couple of cocktails. Based on your preferences, you can choose dining chairs ($499), lounge chairs ($799), different sectional pieces (from $2,398 up to $5,394), and a dining table for $2,299.

Versatile and contemporary

Both modern and casual, this set from the Crate and Barrel collections brings the ease and convenience of nearly maintenance-free outdoor furniture. Flared legs, sleek powder-coated finish, plush Sunbrella cushions, and fade-resistant aluminum frames are just a few of the benefits that come with this collection. The collection ranges from chairs ($189 and up), C-tables ($179), tables ($399 and up), up to benches ($528 and up), and sofas ($679 and up).

Luxurious comfort

Mix durable ivory steel powder-coat frame, stylish curves, natural colors, and lounge-worthy cushioning—and you have the Campana collection. With a fresh style based on softness and ultimate comfort, this set offers the best of both worlds that combines a sophisticated modern look with cozy seating. The collection includes an ottoman ($349), lounge chair ($649), cafe table ($999), and sofa ($1,499).

The best outdoor living room

With FSC certified teak and Sunbrella fabric that resists fading, the Haven collection boasts a mix of upholstery, teak, and stretched rope. That’s why it’s perfect for any outdoor gathering. With layers of comfort and durability, you can be sure that you are living your dream. With various pieces to choose from, the different color ottomans start at $400, tables at $800, chairs at $900, and sofas starting at $1,500.

You can’t go wrong with the above collections of Crate and Barrel outdoor furniture. Each set offers its own stylish flair that speaks to the joys of lounging outside while providing comfort that the whole family will appreciate. The only challenge you might encounter is deciding which collection to choose from and when to plan the next cook-out!

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