The best grill pellets for infusing a hickory, smoky flavor into your BBQ

Whether you are grilling hamburgers or salmon in a cedar plank or smoking a juicy brisket, using hardwood pellets will allow you to better control the cooking, allowing for flavors to penetrate your creations with that unique smoky flavor that keeps all the family asking for seconds. We curated the best grill pellets in the market for your shopping convenience.

One of the most popular benefits of cooking with wood grilling pellets is the even burn achieved. Changes in temperature are the biggest enemy to fight when you are smoking a big cut of meat for several hours. These pellets are made to burn slow and keep an ideal temperature for hours without much supervision. Find the perfect flavor among our suggestions and get that fire going.

Traeger Grills Hardwood Pellets

Best Hickory Flavor

The Traeger Grills Hardwood Pellets bring the flavor to the party. Made with sustainable American hardwoods, this hickory-based blend produces that pure blue smoke, the secret to flavorful smoky meats. Created with a gold standard production method, these are the best pellets money can buy and are created to give your meat a whole new flavor profile.

CookinPellets Hickory Smoking Pellets

Best Gourmet Blend

If you are looking to add a gourmet touch to your grilling, the CookinPellets Hickory Smoking Pellets will infuse all your culinary creations with that unique wood flavor and bring out that golden brown color that makes slow-cooked smoked meats so appealing and mouth-watering. This pellet burns slowly to really penetrate the meat. Make sure your temperature is reaching the desired and safe levels, and then let it rest.

Bear Mountain Premium BBQ Wood Hardwood Pellets

Best Premium

Take your smoking skills to the next level with the Bear Mountain Premium BBQ Wood Hardwood Pellets. These are premium grilling pellets that have a unique blend that brings the best flavors out of fish, pork, lamb, meat, poultry, and even veggies. If you are looking for a high-end flavor right in your backyard, look no more. You can use these pellets with other types of grills as well.

Turn every cookout into a high-end culinary experience with our suggestions of the best grilling pellets. Get the most out of your pellet grill by using the most flavorful and clean hardwood. This will produce the best smoke to cook with. Find your favorite blend, throw those big cuts in the grill, and see all your guests line up next to the grill. Good times are ahead for sure.