The best wheatgrass seeds for growing a healthy sprout in your home

Cats, pets, and even people need greenery in their lives. Wheatgrass provides a fast-growing, safe option that your pets will love, and you won’t have to worry about it. Get started growing your own wheatgrass with one of our top choices for wheatgrass seeds. Here’s how to grow wheatgrass seeds and where to get started.

To discourage destructive behavior and provide critical trace minerals for your cat all around, wheatgrass is a reliable and healthy choice. It won’t react poorly with your cat’s digestive system or cause allergies as well as creating a nice patch of green in your home that you don’t have to worry about. Our favorite seed options can help you get the greenery you and your cat crave.

Magic Grow Wheat Grass Seed

Best Germination Rate

This wheatgrass option from Magic Grow offers a reliable way to germinate wheatgrass from the comfort of your home. You get 1 pound of seeds and a resealable bag for secure storage. They're non-GMO and germinate quickly and vigorously for reliable harvests every time. It has a 95% germination rate and is an affordable option for enrichment activities.

PowerGrow Systems Wheatgrass Seeds

Best Value Pack

This 5-pound bag of wheatgrass seed is an organic, non-GMO option with an excellent germination rate. This gives you plenty of resources to ensure a long-lasting wheatgrass crop, and it gives you, your pets, and your household the perfect bit of green for your home. They're guaranteed to sprout and provide a good crop.

Rose and Branch Wheat Grass Seeds

Best for Pets

This simple option for pets is a red wheat variety that's guaranteed to grow and provides a reliable crop. It's guaranteed to grow and provides a sustainable opportunity for ensuring your own crops and growth. You'll get 16 ounces of seeds with an organic certification. They're safe and reliable, a wonderful way to provide enrichment and nutrients for your pets.

Wheatgrass provides a simple solution for enrichment activities for your pets and ensures that you can have some green space indoors without worrying about your pets’ safety. The simple options on our list provide easy germination and organic, healthy grass, so you never worry about your pets or their health.