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The best smoker boxes for slow cooking beef, salmon, and other meats

Using smoke with your gas grill is the best way to add a whole new layer of flavor to your food. We are confident that the smoke box and gas grill combination is ideal to learn and master cooking time, experiment with different woods, and have total control of the temperature of your grill. Find the perfect match with our curated suggestions.

Smoke boxes are an inexpensive way to get started in the arts of smoked meat. Remember that controlling the temperature is critical to the success of your recipe. Also, the closer the food is to the smoke box, the more flavor it will absorb. Some of the most common hardwoods used are hickory, mesquite, cherry, and adler.

Char-Broil Cast Iron Smoker Box

Best Versatile

If you are looking for versatile solution that will work with many types of grills, the Char-Broil Cast Iron Smoker Box is what you want. This model is made of cast iron and has vents that direct the smoke to the food. The superior construction prevents wood from catching fire.

Charcoal Companion V-Shape Smoker Box

Best V-Shaped

The Charcoal Companion V-Shape Smoker Box adds the most concentrated smoked flavor to your food. The unique design allows for this model to be placed directly between the flavorizer bars and below the grill. The wood will smoke directly underneath your food and penetrate the tissue, help render the fat, and produce tender and juicy meat that will be falling off the bone.

Camerons Products Stovetop Smoker

Best Stovetop Smoker

For those that want to smoke their food without using a grill, consider the Camerons Products Stovetop Smoker. This is a complete stovetop-smoking solution that is super versatile. It can double up as a steamer, poacher, or roasting pan. It can easily be used indoors and can be used with a variety of heat sources.

Get your grilling to the next level and embrace the flavorful magic of smoked food. With one of the amazing smoker boxes we have compiled in this selection, you can become the next grillmaster. Invite all your family and friends to the cookout and blow them away.