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The best scarf holders for storage and display

Maybe you’re not exactly a fashionista, but you like to dress and look sharp. Using a scarf as an accessory is a good and inexpensive way to doll up your appearance. They are available in a host of colors, designs, and styles. As you acquire more scarves, keep them together in one place in a display-like manner by getting one of these useful scarf ponytail holders or window scarf holders.

There are scarves that can spruce up just about any occasion or outing. They are very colorful and come in many attractive patterns, so their use is virtually limitless. Since scarves are so eye appealing, why stash then away in a drawer or closet? Instead, keep enjoying the ones you have by organizing them on one of these scarf holders for windows or scarf ponytail holders.

iDesign Classico Spine Closet Organizer

Best Overall

A good overall scarf holder to consider is this one by iDesign. The versatile rack features eight rods to hold and display scarves, as well as ties, belts, or purses, This holder can be hung in a bedroom, bathroom, or mudroom closet to make organizing scarves easier. Measuring 12.6x16x0.75 inches, the rack can be hung over a closet rod or hook without any hardware.

DOIOWN S-Type Closet Organizer

Most Versatile

Need a versatile scarf holder? Then consider this one, which comes as a set of three hangers to help organize scarfs, or to keep pants, slacks, and towels tidier and more orderly. Each stainless-steel and scratch-resistant hanger measures 14.2x15x0.3 inches. The durable and sturdy hangers are engineered to retain their shape.

Deco Brothers Loop Scarf Organizer

Best Design

To optimally store and organize scarves, a holder needs to be well designed. Deco Brothers Loop Scarf Organizer is a top choice due to its loop design, which provides 23 storage compartments for scarves, belts, or ties. The design means this organizer can accommodate any size of scarf. It is made of durable metal with a chrome finish.

Don’t let the quantity of scarves in your possession become too burdensome to keep organized. Get a few handy scarf holders — such as these top-of-the-line options — to keep those clothing accessories in one place.