The best pond liners for building the backyard pond of your dreams

If you want to build a small pond in your yard, a pond liner can help provide you with coverage for your pond floor. These liners protect the ground and ensure you’re able to build and maintain your pond with as little effort as possible. Let’s take a look at our top pond liner choices to get you started.

Pond liners create a space for your pond, allowing you to build smaller areas for a pond habitat without risking leakage or damaging the surrounding ground. Garden pond liners are safe for the environment and local wildlife, and ensure you have exactly what you need for a gorgeous water feature in your yard. Our favorites can help get you started.

TotalPond Pond Liner

Best Overall

This simple 14.5-mil thick pond liner from TotalPond is perfect for small projects. It features a 7 by 10-foot area with puncture-resistant weaving and lightweight maneuverability. It is UV resistant and handles up to 200 gallons of water while encouraging beneficial bacteria growth on the top of the liner for pond health.

Aquascape Rubber Liner For Pond

Best Durable

The Aquascape pond liner features an ultra-thick 45 mil material designed to handle rough, less-than-ideal ground without tearing or ripping. It’s UV resistant and offers a simple area to hold water. Plus, it encourages beneficial bacteria growth for a balanced habitat. It measures 8 by 10 feet and stretches well to ensure proper area coverage.

AQUANIQUE Skin Pond Liner

Best PVC Liner

This larger-scale liner provides you 13 by 20 feet of coverage and features a durable PVC liner that resists tears and leaks. It’s UV resistant and fish safe, providing a textured surface to encourage beneficial bacteria. This liner can help you build bigger ponds without headaches and protects the area around the pond.

A pond liner is a vital part of the health of a backyard pond. You need one that will withstand environmental elements, provide easy installation, and encourage beneficial bacterial growth. The options on our list will ensure you have what you need to make your pond installation smooth and safe. Help make your backyard pond dreams come true with these reliable liners.