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The best plant caddies for keeping an indoor or outdoor potted garden

You need a better way of moving large planters around your home throughout the day to keep them out of the sun during its peak. Plant caddies are a convenient invention with caster wheels that allow you to slide pots out of the way easily. We’ve revealed the leading brands here to help you pick out the right style.

Plant caddies are typically built with four caster wheels that allow you to push potted plants in and out of your home or between rooms. A heavy-duty plant caddy can hold up to 500 pounds, making these ones ideal for potted trees or shrubs. Moreover, if your plant requires drainage, consider a rust-resistant or rustproof caddy made of metal. Plastic is also a safe bet, though the loading capacity will be lower. Let’s dig a little deeper and review our choices one by one.

Amagabeli 14-Inch Heavy-Duty Iron Plant Caddy

Best Two-Pack

The Amagabeli caddy comes in a two-pack of 14-diameter racks. Made of rustproof iron and finished with weather-resistant powder coating, this caddy resists the elements when placed outdoors. Confidently store potted plants up to 300 pounds on these caddies without worry on any surface including carpet, bare ground, and hardwood floors. Its 0.8-inch rim is compatible with most water-drainage trays.

DeVault 3012B Plant Dolly

Best Multipack Choice

The DeVault caddy is available in various multipack choices including four, three, or two each –perfect for households with lots of greenery. It measures 12 inches in diameter and 4 inches high. This weather-resistant caddy is built with long-lasting steel casters and rubber wheels that hold up to 500 pounds.

Moutik Round Plant Caddy Metal

Best Durability

The Moutik caddy is a rustproof iron stand featuring four heavy-duty, locking caster wheels that store up to 88 pounds. This caddy is 10.6 inches in diameter and 1.97 inches high, allowing you to place a drain saucer underneath if needed. It’s also an alternative to hand trucks for moving trash cans, barrels, and other large items.

Plant caddies with wheels make cleaning easy, allowing you to push heavy potted plants around as necessary. They’re also useful for holding barrel-shaped items like fans, trash cans, and buckets that might be stressful on your back to carry. With lockable wheels, weatherproof materials, and a rustproof metal body, a rolling plant caddy is a purchase you’ll be satisfied with. Try any of the caddies on our list today to make plant transport a breeze.

21Oak Contributor
21Oak Contributor
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