The best kitchen cabinet knobs for any style

Glass, silver, brass, or crystal are just a few materials you can choose from when selecting kitchen cabinet knobs. You may not think the knobs matter, but they do. They are a fun place to add your style and personality to your home. If your kitchen cabinets need some new life, the knob is easy to replace, fun to pick out, and can completely change your kitchen’s look. It is an affordable and fun DIY project for any day of the week. You can spend some free time exploring the world of kitchen cabinet knobs that best suit your style. Don’t overlook your kitchen cabinet knobs and embrace the fun and beauty in the little things.

If you are tired of your kitchen’s look and want to give it a new style, the easiest and most fun way to do that is with cabinet knobs. You grab the knobs on your kitchen cabinet every day. They should feel nice to the touch and look even better against your cabinets. If your knobs are lackluster or just need to be updated, it can be an easy, affordable fix. You will love how fun it is to pick out new kitchen cabinet knobs. It allows you to be your own interior designer and let your style shine through. So, update your cabinet knobs and enjoy the fresh, new look of your kitchen.

Amerock Allison Value Cabinet Knob

Best Budget

The Amerock Allison Value Cabinet Knob is a zinc knob that is designed to bring a classic, clean look to your kitchen cabinets. This product comes in a pack of 25 stunning knobs that will fit any kitchen style. Each knob is 1.25 inches or 32mm in diameter, which allows for any easy and comfortable grip. This knob is finished in satin nickel for a fun glimmer and clean design. This product comes with the mounting hardware required for installation. It comes with a 1-inch truss head screw. Each knob weighs 2 ounces so it is lightweight.

Ilyapa Kitchen Cabinet Knobs

Best Style

The Ilyapa Kitchen Cabinet Knobs have a strong, durable design with elegant style and come with a lifetime warranty. These kitchen cabinet knobs will be a long-lasting, beautiful addition to any home. These knobs are individually wrapped during transport to protect against scratches or dings. This product includes 1-inch and 1.75-inch length customizable, break-away mounting screws for easy installation. These knobs will be the perfect addition to any kitchen cabinet, cupboard, furniture door, and more. You can choose from 12 incredible finishes and styles including satin nickel, antique iron, or flat black.

GoodtoU Dresser Crystal Knobs

Best Retro

The GoodtoU Dresser Crystal Knobs can add a fun, retro feel to your kitchen cabinets. These crystal, glass knobs are made of zinc alloy and can be the perfect decorative touch to any cabinets. They are easy to install and include three sizes of screws for different cabinet sizes. These knobs are strong, well-made, heavy, and look and feel like real diamonds. You can definitely add a little bling to your kitchen cabinets with these knobs. The silver knobs are suitable for drawers, wardrobes, dressers, kitchen cabinets, and cupboards.

Kitchen cabinet knobs come in every style and shape you can imagine. They are designed to fit the personalities and styles of every homeowner. Sometimes kitchen cabinet knobs can be boring, old-looking, or just not fit your style. You may love your kitchen but cringe a little when you focus in on the knobs. Luckily, cabinet knobs are easy to replace and affordable to purchase. You will be able to find the designs and styles you love and give a fresh, new look to your kitchen.