The best hedge shears for keeping healthy, pruned shrubbery

Most hedges start to widen at the top, where they receive the most sunlight, causing a “V” shape that prevents sunlight from hitting lower branches. Trimming can restore the desired shape. Hedges also should be pruned in late winter, when they’re dormant. Staying on top of your hedges’ maintenance takes work, but these garden and long-handle hedge shears can help.

Using shears on hedges helps keep them looking tidy, stimulates bud production near branch edges, and allows sunlight to penetrate their interior so additional growth is stimulated. Without proper pruning and trimming each year, hedges can look overgrown or lifeless. Electric hedge shears are very useful, but these top-notch garden and long-handle hedge shears can help meet a bush’s needs.

TABOR TOOLS Telescopic Hedge Shears

Best Overall

If you have a lot of hedges, maintain them with one of the best available hedge shears, such as these telescopic hedge shears. It features forged carbon steel wavy blades designed to cut hedges all the way to the tip, produce smooth crisp cuts, and help preserve the bush’s health. The 25-inch shears have shock-absorbing bumpers engineered to prevent jarring vibrations and reduce arm and shoulder fatigue.

Corona Extendable Hedge Shear

Best Lightweight

Using hedge shears shouldn’t wear you out. This product ranks high among models that are lightweight and easy to use. Its ShockStop bumper is designed to reduce arm and shoulder fatigue, and its lightweight steel handles with comfort grips extend from 15 to 26 inches. The shears sport 10-inch forged high-carbon steel blades for greater durability and strength.

iGarden 3-Piece Combo Garden Tool Set

Best Combo Set

On the hunt for a hedge shear that’s part of a helpful tool set? Then the iGarden Combo Garden Tool Set could end your quest. The three-piece set includes a hedge shear, lopper, and bypass pruner. Each of the tools features high-carbon steel blades and comfort-grip rubber handles. They are engineered to foster smooth and easy cuts on bushes and tree branches and be comfortable to use.

Hedges are more eye-appealing and healthier when they are trimmed and pruned consistently. For help with keeping them in pristine condition, use one of these top-notch garden or long-handle hedge shears.