The best hanging chair for your indoor or outdoor living space

You want to achieve that welcoming and lived-in feel of a countryside homestay but don’t know where to begin. A hanging chair is a unique and effortless way to set the vibe whether you’re decking out your patio or your living room. To help you find just the right style, we’ve listed our favorite chairs here in detail.

A hanging hammock chair is just that –a combination of a chair and a hammock or swing. These cozy seats are typically made of woven material from cotton, polyester, or even canvas. For easier setup, consider a hanging chair with a stand you can move in and out of your home at will.

Other hardware include ropes, metal rings, and screws. Most chairs will also come with a cushion that is welcome whether you choose a more structured macrame chair or a loose canvas style. Take a look at our winning choices.

Y- STOP Hammock Chair

Best Value

The Y- STOP hammock chair features a traditional style with a cotton weave seat and a solid wood bar to hold its shape when hung. This kit includes two soft pillows, a hanging bag, a hook, and a hanging rope. Made with tough polyester and cotton, the seat itself can withstand heavy use even from children and pets.

Patio Watcher Hammock Chair

Most Stylish Design

The Patio Watcher chair features a stylish design with a macrame seat with fringe details, woven rope for reinforcement, and a round cushion to match. Also included are the hanging chain, snap hooks, and screws for either concrete or wooden ceilings. Plus, the seat is made of pure handmade cotton that gives it the quintessential macrame look.

OUTREE Hanging Chair for Kids

Best for Kids

If your little one needs a quiet corner to read, play, or settle down, this hanging chair with an inflatable cushion is the right choice. This narrow, cocoon-like chair accommodates children up to 100 pounds, thanks to reinforced nylon edges, a tough cotton-canvas fabric, and double stitching. Hook up this chair onto your ceiling, a tree branch, or a hammock while easily using the included hardware.

An outdoor hanging chair provides a distinct vibe reminiscent of tropical resorts and your favorite childhood playground. These magical chairs can also make your living room or kids’ playroom feel more welcoming while incorporating a new seating option to an otherwise blank space. Fortunately, any hanging chair on our list looks great whether it’s strung up on your ceiling, hooked up onto a stand, or swinging off your large oak tree.