The best hanger holders for cramped closets

You can install most hanger holders in your closet like a curtain rod. You can also find many over-the-door hanger holders so that you can store things right behind your closet door. If you want to use an over-the-door hanger holder, these can be used behind a hallway closet to store shoe organizers. It makes for a convenient shoe holder hanger so that all the shoes in the house are separated.

You can utilize hanger holders for plenty of other items apart from your clothes. Some like installing one in the kitchen as a potholder hanger to keep everything condensed and stacked outside of valuable drawer space. There are also ways you can use smaller ones as an earring holder hanger or a jewelry holder hanger to keep everything untangled and clear.

NAHANCO Hanger Stacker Screw Together Assembly

Best for Business

If you have many hangers due to owning a small business, a Hanger Stacker Screw Together Assembly by NAHANCO is a valuable tool to keep everything organized. The hanger stacker prevents hanger breakage and hanger tangling. This is done by stacking the hangers between two long loops extending from the base.

Spectrum Diversified Wall Mount Hanger Holder Closet Organizer

Best for Closet

If your closet needs a face-lift and some extra storage space, nab yourself the Spectrum Diversified Wall Mount Hanger Holder Closet Organizer. This durable plastic hanger holder will keep your closet neat and organized. You can fit up to 12 hangers on the arm, then collapse it to stack everything in a compact manner.

Honey-Can-Do Over-the-Door Clothes Hanger

Best Over The Door

The Honey-Can-Do Over-the-Door Clothes Hanger is perfect for those who live in dorms or apartments because it does not require wall mounting. You just slip the arm over your door, and you instantly have more storage space for all of your clothing. There is lining on the mount, so it doesn’t scratch your door up. It stretches to 17 inches in length and folds flat when you’re not using it.

Easily stack all of your hangers, clothes, and other household items with these hanger holders. Sometimes, you just need space for your storage, and by using these hanger holders, you can free up precious space for all the other things you need to keep organized.