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The best futon covers that will help your mattress last longer

A futon mattress cover will help protect your futon from getting any dirt, debris, or spills on the mattress itself. You have a choice in terms of types of futon cover. You may simply need a cover that you can throw over your futon and slip off when you no longer need it, which would be great for small get-togethers at your home. If you want something more permanent, a full futon cover will completely wrap your futon in a protective cover.

Full futon covers are a great investment, but it’s a good idea to make a list of needs so you buy the right kind of covers for your home. If your futon sees a lot of use, look for heavy-duty materials that can hold up over time. It may also help have the colors and patterns in mind thatwill fit the look of your room. You may find darker colors advantageous if you have kids that might be prone to spilling drinks and food.

Easy-Going Sofa Slipcover

Best Reversible

The Easy-Going Sofa Slipcover is a thick microfiber cover that is quilted , providing a comfortable texture when you lounge on the futon. This is a two-sided slipcover, which makes it doubly useful when deciding on the feel of the room based off colors. The elastic strap around the back of the cover is conveniently for easily switching color sides, and the foam pipes tuck into the grooves of your futon to keep it in place.

H.VERSAILTEX Armless Futon Cover

Best for Armless Futons

The jacquard knitted fabric on the H.VERSAILTEX Armless Futon Cover will snuggly stretch and form-fit to your armless futon sofa bed between 68 to 85 inches. The slipcovers are also super soft and comfortable, while staying strong due to the high-quality spandex. When you need to you can throw it in the washing machine to clean it up again quickly. Install by simply slipping over your futon mattress.

Magshion Futon Cover

Best Full Cover

For complete futon couch coverage, slip on the Magshion Futon Cover and encase your futon in a comfortable polyester fabric. You can easily put this cover on with a three-sided zipper . The size is made for a full mattress, so it will fit snugly around the mattress with no bunching or tears.

Futons are one of the most comfortable and versatile furniture pieces you can have in your home. Taking care of your futon will increase the life of such a cozy piece of furniture. These futon covers will keep your futon mattresses clean and useable for years to come.