The best faucet splitters for watering your garden with multiple hoses

Add a hose faucet splitter to your gardening tools and make work so fun that everyone in the family will want to join in. Just don’t be surprised if gardening suddenly turns into water play with the kids. Gardening and outdoor tasks have never been this cool!

With an outdoor faucet splitter, your gardening chores just got a lot easier. While one side runs a gentle flow to water your flowers, the other can have full pressure to give the car a quick wash. With this efficient tool, you spend more time enjoying the things you love and less time doing your chores. Let’s take a look at our top picks.

2wayz Garden Hose Splitter

Best Ergonomic

With an ergonomic and modern design, this splitter makes yard work effortless. Its bolted components feature easy grip and smooth handles that are comfortable to operate. The metal bolts and threads ensure that your hose splitter doesn’t disconnect, to help you work faster and better.

IPOW Y Valve Garden Hose Splitter

Best Standard Fit

This is a no-nonsense outdoor water faucet splitter that gets the job done every time. It fits all standard faucet and garden hoses with an easy turn swivel connector and wide black grip. No tools needed to install this time-saving solution. Package includes 6 extra rubber washers and connector adapters for spigot or hose connections. Its solid brass construction is eco-friendly and prevents leaks or corrosion.

Morvat Garden Hose Connector

Best Durable

For a connection that lasts forever, the Morvat Garden Hose Connector is the faucet splitter that’ll never break. It’s made of heavy-duty brass with wide valves that are easy to turn and ultra-durable. The water-tight shutoff system and solid connection make sure that your garden hose splitter never leaks or drips, to save water and time while you work.

Convenience and speed come together with the faucet splitters on our list. These easy-to-use devices save you time and effort in gardening or other outdoor tasks. Your garden and home will look better than ever, and you’ll have more time to do the things you love.