The best camping clotheslines for drying your wet clothes and socks

A portable camping clothesline is not just something to use for your camping trips. Sometimes, your handy dandy dryer can break down, and you need a quick fix for those wet clothes. You can put these up in your backyard or inside of your home and have the quick fix to reduce your stress. These useful camping clotheslines can also be used for activities in other places like parks or beaches.

Instead of making a DIY clothesline for camping that could be flimsier than what you need, you can grab a portable clothesline for your camping needs. These are made of sturdier ropes that will ensure that all of your clothes stay in the air and hang to dry for as long as you need. If you get a retractable camping clothesline, you can also easily clean it up at the end of your trip.

HAWATOUR Portable Travel Elastic Clothesline

Best Overall

The HAWATOUR Portable Travel Elastic Clothesline is a sturdy clothesline that can weather the outdoors. The stainless-steel hooks on the ends can be attached on any surface to it is secure. The clothespins are also stainless steel to make them rust-resistant. There are also moveable stoppers that let you space out your clothes, so they do not all fall into the middle of the line.

Coghlan's Bungee Clothesline

Best Bungee

The Coghlan's Bungee Clothesline is a lightweight and portable camping clothesline that can be set up anywhere. The bungee stretches to whatever length you need, so you can easily secure it. The braided bungee cord makes sure that it stays strong without any chance of snapping or fraying. It includes two easy-to-install hooks so that you do not need to install pegs or pins to secure it to a tree.

Riveda Heavy-Duty Indoor & Outdoor Single Clothes Drying Rack

Best Retractable

Don’t worry about the coiling and storage of your camping clothesline when you have the portable Heavy-Duty Indoor and Outdoor Single Clothes Drying Rack by Riveda. It’s 40 feet of hanging line compacted into a PVC plastic holder that retracts in when you are all finished. You can hang up to 30 pounds on this clothesline without a problem. This kit also comes with installation hooks and a set of clothespins.

Save a lot of time and space with these portable camping clotheslines. Your nose and your clothes will thank you when you get to take care of your clothes properly after a dip in the water. Get these clotheslines to do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to carry those waterlogged clothes back home with you.