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The best baseball cap washers for getting ahead of the game

When you put on a beloved baseball cap, you don’t want it to show a host of stains or appear weather-beaten and worn. Keep that cap looking pristine and clean by using an effective baseball cap washer. These top-of-the-line options perform well as a baseball cap washer cage, baseball washer frame, or baseball cap washer holder.

There are many types and styles of baseball caps. Even though “baseball” is in the cap’s name, they can feature the logos of different companies, other sports teams, or even include a popular saying. To keep your favorite baseball cap or caps clean, consider getting solid assistance from a top-notch baseball cap washer cage or baseball cap washer holder — such as one of the models mentioned here.

Perfect Curve Cap Washer

Most Versatile

You don’t need to find a baseball cap washer that’s suited to the style of your cap or caps. Instead, get one that’s highly versatile, like the Perfect Curve Cap Washer. It’s designed to clean caps and visors of all sizes and styles, including flat or curved and adult- or kid-sized. The device can be used in an empty washing machine or an empty dishwasher on a gentle cycle.

BallcapBuddy Washer

Best Original Design

To ensure a baseball cap is clean and retains its shape, a cap washer needs to be well designed. That describes the BallcapBuddy Washer, which is a frame made from sturdy but flexible engineered plastic. It opens up so you can insert a dirty flat- or curved-bill cap for cleaning in the top rack of a dishwasher or the washing machine. It’s engineered to reshape a cap or renew a dingy-looking one.

XQXA Baseball Cap Washers

Best Value Set

How about a handy set of baseball cap washers? The XQXA Baseball Cap Washers come as an affordable two pack designed to be easier to open and lock than general hat washers. Made of high-quality and ultra-sturdy plastic materials, the washers can be used to clean caps for both adults and kids.

Baseball caps are fun and functional to wear just about anywhere and at any time of the year. But they’re not so great when they’re dirty or lose their shape. Then it’s time to use one of these useful and dependable baseball cap washers.