The best atv seed sprayers for planting your garden in record time

The best thing about an ATV seed sprayer is that it can make tedious seeding work easier by covering a very wide area in a very short period of time. Many models have a battery-powered motor that casts out seed, while tow-behind sprayers gain energy from the turning of ATV wheels. There are pros and cons for both types, but these top-notch ATV seed spreaders are clearly pros.

In addition to laying grass or crop seeds, an ATV seed sprayer can be used to more efficiently and evenly spread fertilizers, lime, and other materials. They typically offer a holding capacity of 100 pounds or more, so an ATV doesn’t need to stop often for refilling. These leading pull-behind and other-mount seed spreaders for ATVs should be high considerations for your seeding needs.

Buyers Products Broadcast Spreader

Best All-Purpose

To tap a good all-purpose ATV seed sprayer, get the Buyers Products Broadcast Spreader. Ideal for farming, hunting, landscaping, or grounds maintenance, it features a durable, rust-proof poly hopper with a 100-pound capacity. The spreader can be used to distribute free-flowing materials such as seed, feed, and fertilizer. An included rain cover helps protect materials from the elements.

Brinly Tow-Behind Broadcast Spreader

Best Mobility

If you need a mobile ATV seed sprayer, consider this broadcast spreader. It has a universal tow-behind hitch tailored to fit most lawn tractors and ATVs. The spreader can be used year-round to apply granular seed, fertilizer, ice melt, and other lawn chemicals. Its high-capacity hopper is engineered to be rust- and dent-proof, and can hold 175 pounds of seed.

Spot Spreader Hand Spreader Shaker

Best Compact

Perhaps a smaller ATV seed sprayer makes more sense for you. If that’s the case, then this spreader will suit you. You can get off your ATV when you like to use the durable, 80-ounce shaker to spread seed and other materials at a desired amount. The lightweight shaker is ideal for taking seed and salt from large bags and spot spreading it.

Cover a lot of ground to spread a lot of seeds by using a pull-behind or conventional seed spreader that attaches to your ATV. These top-of-the-line seed spreaders can make a difficult and time-consuming job a lot easier and faster.