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the best floral wallpaper to brighten up your rooms 1

Get inspired by these truly creative maximalist bedroom decor ideas

Maximalist bedrooms are bold and vibrant. Find inspiration in these cool ideas.
Grandmillenial inspired floral wallpaper with cabinet and chair

6 stellar grandmillennial decor ideas from Instagram you’ll want to steal

Not sure how to do grandmillennial style right? Take inspiration from these cool designs.
a vintage cottage kitchen design and dining table

5 luxe cottage interiors that will make you rethink what cozy should look like

Cozy cottages can be sophisticated and elegant too. Take inspiration from these great designs.
Sage green kitchen cabinets

This incredible kitchen cabinet style will be trendy for years to come

Want new kitchen cabinets that won't look dated in a year or two? This is the hottest design you can get — and it's a classic, too.
woman placing a pillow on bed for cohesive design

Cringeworthy decorations that definitely ruin good home design

These are the home decorations we can't stand to see.
the best entryway tables table

Add function and style: How to decorate an entryway table

This is how to decorate an entryway table for the best first impression.
Modern Scandinavian living room style

This is the best kept secret for designing a phenomenal room

Want a well-decorated room? This is how to achieve it.
modern muted green bedroom wall color

8 phenomenal green bedroom design ideas (from nature-inspired to bold)

Green is a trendy home color choice this year, and these are the best green bedroom design ideas for your home.
maximalism design with patterned couch in living room

Unforgettable maximalist design tips for every room in your house

Big and bold is on everyone's minds lately. Try these design tips for every room in your house.
free home design changes a light living room with yellow details  sweden

10 phenomenal ways to change up your home design for free

You can change up your home with these 10 free home design tips.
dark black bathroom wall color with natural decor

9 captivating powder room design ideas that add drama and depth to a small space

Small spaces can pack a huge design punch. Try these amazing half-bathroom decorating ideas.
Interesting wall art

These are the best home design trends for an Aquarius

From aquarius bedroom design to kitchens, these are the ways to decorate for your zodiac sign.
Woman sitting by electric fireplace with mug

5 reasons an electric fireplace is a terrific idea for your home

If you're looking to make your home cozier, an electric fireplace is a great idea. Here's why.
Vintage chest as a living room coffee table

The supply chain sucks — buy secondhand furniture online from these great spots

With supply chain issues and vintage furniture trending, it's time to think about buying secondhand. These are the best places to shop.
Man comparing paint swatches to greige walls.

The best greige paint colors that will completely refresh your home

These are the best greige paint colors for your interior design.
decorative glass terrarium home decor on a table

Why decorative glass is making a major comeback in home design

Looking to refresh your home? Try glass accents (really).
brick fireplace decor ideas minimal white

These 8 spectacular brick fireplace ideas add much-needed character

A brick fireplace is a great statement piece for your living room. Follow this handy decoration guide.
dark grey walls home design with pink chairs

The interior design principles everyone follows (but should actually ignore)

Rules are made to be broken. These are the design rules you don't always have to follow.
Kitchen with blue frame fronted cabinets

These 7 amazing kitchen cabinet ideas will totally refresh your kitchen

Completely transform your kitchen with these fantastic cabinet ideas.
modern and vintage grandmillenial style dining table

How to achieve the perfect grandmillennial look in your home right now

It's easy to go a bit overboard with the maximalist style favored by grandmillennials. Here's how to achieve the look.
Marble kitchen backsplash wallpaper

Marble isn’t just for counters: The trend about to take over your whole home

Marbling is a great trend for everything from dishes to wallpaper.
Classic at home bar in basement

6 creative basement bar ideas for the perfect entertaining space

Want to add a bar to your basement for a great entertaining space? Try these amazing ideas.
luxury living room design with big windwos

Want luxury home design on a budget? Our expert says to do these 4 things now

These are the tips the experts have for getting a luxury look in your home at an affordable price.
dark brown accent color in home office and library

5 cozy home library ideas to inspire your inner bookworm

Need some inspiration for your cozy home library? Look no further.
home design apps stylish emerald green and grey living room interior with

12 helpful home design apps that make a renovation a breeze

These home design apps will make your remodeling project so much easier.
grandmillennial style and design living room patterns color

Grandmillennial design: Making traditional styles cool again

Grandmillennial style takes the comforting nostalgia of your grandma’s decor, but puts a modern spin on it.
People celebrating New Year's Eve in living room.

Decorating for New Year’s Eve on a budget: What you need to know

Decorate your home for a New Year's Eve celebration in a simple, affordable way.
Comfortable pale pink upholstered chair

Is 2022 the year of… wallpaper?

Wallpaper is making a big comeback. Here's how to incorporate it into your home.
modern living room stone fireplace decor

8 fantastic stone fireplace decor ideas for a comfortable, nature-inspired home

This is how to decorate your stone fireplace so your home feels warm and cozy.
Rustic dining room with modern accents

These are the dated interior design trends the experts say will die in 2022

Does your home feature these dated trends? Interior designers say they're fading away.
happiest home design styles modern interior of open space with modular sofa  furniture

Does your favorite home design style top the list of happiest styles?

These five design styles make their owners feel happiest.
curved white sofa in a modern living room

Forget straight lines — it’s time to embrace curves in your furniture

Curvy furniture is having its moment. We’ll take a look at this retro revival and show you just how you can embrace curves in your furniture for years to come.
Welcoming living room interior, dining area and kitchen view

2022 home design trends our experts say will be really hot

Get ready for these ultra-cool home design trends that the experts are raving about.
Floating mantle with farmhouse decorations.

The do’s & don’ts of decorating a gorgeous floating mantel (for every style)

From traditional design to rustic, this is how to decorate a floating fireplace mantel.
family moving their boxes into their new home

Considering a move? This is the best place to buy your next home

These are the best places to live if tyou're looking for a little balance in your life.
grandmillennial design trends retro living space decor

The cool retro trends that grandmillennials have totally revived

These old-school traditional trends are making a comeback.
green dining room wall 2022 home decor trend

5 easy ways to incorporate 2022 home design trends without a major overhaul

Refresh your home with the latest design trends — without spending a lot of money.
layered fabrics to add texture with chair and blanket

Looking for exciting new home design ideas? Don’t forget about texture

Texture is an important part of home design. Here's what to know.
Colorful pink Christmas ornaments in a box

How to get a maximalist vibe with your Christmas decor (while avoiding kitsch)

Go all out this season with maximalist Christmas decor.
bright pink chair and printed wall art in maximalist room

Minimalism vs. maximalism: Which is more stylish?

Minimalism or maximalism? Here's how you can decide.
vintage christmas decor girl ornaments

4 charming ideas for vintage Christmas decor that will make you nostalgic

Play up that vintage vibe with these Christmas decoration ideas.

Hygge & friluftsliv aren’t just marketing terms — they can better your life

Hygge and friluftsliv have both become marketing terms, but they're really supposed to be a lifestyle. We take a deep dive into the concepts.
Exterior of light yellow house.

Is your home exterior dated? How to modernize it with traditional paint colors

When it comes to the outside of your house, timeless colors always work. We love these.
Fall mantle decor leaves and sign.

Tired of pumpkins? Fall mantel decor that will put you in a Thanksgiving mood

Get in the festive spirit with these fall fireplace mantel ideas.
Grand brick fireplace with high shiplap ceiling

These 5 traditional fireplace concepts are definitely not bland or boring

Traditional fireplace design comes in many forms. Here's how to find the right one for you.
Discovery plus app on smart phone

Into home design? Get Discovery+ (don’t worry, we’ll explain why)

This is why you should binge on Discovery+ this weekend.
Hygge fall decor with candle and tray

Keep calm and cozy: The ultimate hygge checklist for fall and winter relaxation

This is why hygge is the lifestyle you need this fall.
Female hand painting wall

4 interior paint colors that never seem to go out of style

Curious about which classic interior paint colors work well on any wall in your home? Check these out.
bright pink chair and printed wall art in maximalist room

What ‘maximalism’ is and how to know if it’s right for you

Have you heard of maximalism? We discuss what it is and how to know if it's right for you.
woman reading book

Embrace hygge this fall

Hygge — the Norwegian mood for comfort and coziness — is perfect for fall. Here's how to start practicing it at home.