The best windsocks for adding colorful decor to your porch and other outdoor spaces

You want a decorative ornament for your front yard but aren’t sure what will make a difference besides a fluttering flag or potted plants. Try a windsock in a bold pattern or bright colorway to enhance your home’s curb appeal. We’ve gone ahead and listed the best ones here to help you make a quick decision.

When not used for heavy-duty purposes like windsocks for boats, these ornaments attach onto a pole extending from your home’s exterior trim or porch awning, or simply hung up on a nail on your patio. Most windsocks for home use are crafted from polyester or another type of fabric that blows easily in the wind. Tail strips on a conical body is the most popular style, though the actual design and color varies greatly between brands. Other accessories you might need are metal swivel clips, extension poles, and string. Now, let’s check out our top contenders.

Anley American US Flag Windsock

Best American-Themed

The Anley windsock featuring the American flag lets you show off your patriotic side in a tasteful way. Its top cone is adorned with the 50 stars, and its tail strips are a combination of white and red. Held together by braided strings and a nickel-plated clip, this well-made fabric windsock will fly high even through the most powerful winds.

emma kites Rainbow Fish Windsock

Best Fish Windsock

The multicolor windsock from emma kites depicts a rainbow fish that clips onto tree branches, poles, nails, and hooks. Using ripstop polyester fabric and an applique method, emma kites ensures that this fabric resists UV fading and deterioration. It measures 32 inches long and is machine washable.

In the Breeze Pair of Loons Windsock

Best Multicolor

In The Breeze’s windsock portrays a calm landscape complete with wading ducks, mountains, and sun. On the bottom are eight streamers in assorted colors. Careful attention to detail is evident in the embroidered designs and character appliques, while the polyester fabric resists stains, UV rays, and weather. Included with the windsock is a string bridle and a durable snap swivel for hanging.

Whether made from a Pinterest-inspired DIY windsocks or purchased from the hardware store, windsocks are a unique decoration for yards, porches, or patios. A conical top and fluttering streamers below signal which way the wind is blowing and how fast, though most homeowners assemble these ornaments for decorative purposes. Choose a windsock from our list today and discover why this humble polyester and fabric decoration is a worthy accessory for your outdoor living space.