The best shower corner shelves to organize bathroom essentials

There are many types, styles and colors of shower corner shelves. Sometimes also referred to as shower caddies, there are single or double floating shower corner shelves and glass or ceramic corner shower shelves. To help narrow down the ones that could help you the most, check out these practical and dependable shower corner shelves.

The best thing about shower corner shelves is they take up little space but are big on usefulness and functionality. Some of the corner shelves are installed permanently in a shower, while others are more temporarily positioned with suction cups to suit an individual’s needs. When it comes to what suits you, one of these leading shower corner shelves just might do the trick.

ALLZONE Corner Shower Caddy

Best Space Saver

If you have a small shower, space is at a premium. The ALLZONE Corner Shower Caddy, a great space-saving option, can help. The rustproof and sturdy caddy measures only 13 by 9 by 1.65 inches, yet can hold two to three large bottles and four to six small ones. It features a 1-inch pole with a strong tension spring designed to ensure the caddy solidly stays in place.

Flowmist Corner Shower Caddy

Best Two-Tier

Searching for a good two-tier shower corner shelf? The Flowmist Corner Shower Caddy can end it. The wall-mounted, two-tier aluminum shower corner shelf with adhesive has large storage racks for shampoo, body wash, creams, and much more. It’s designed to resist rust and stand up to long-standing usage. The caddy is engineered to be easy to install without a drill.

Lancher Bathroom Shelf

Best for DIY

Why spend a lot of time and exert a lot of effort to install a shower corner shelf? Instead, get the Lancher Bathroom Shelf, which can be installed easily with just a screwdriver using the included adhesive suction stickers. The two-tier shelf can be installed on any smooth surface and can hold up to 50 pounds. Made of durable aluminum, it’s engineered to prevent rust.

Stay organized and well-stocked in the shower by installing a shower corner shelf. These attractive, useful and easy-to-install shelves can hold a lot and hold up to constant usage.