The best spring flags for celebrating the coming of a new season

Since spring flags stay outside, you want to make sure that your flags are weatherproof and hardy against the wind, rain, and sun. The best outdoor spring flags will be made of materials that will dry quickly and be resistant to the dirt and dust that can muddy it up during the season. When you get a flag that keeps its integrity for the whole season, you will be able to use this household staple for years to come.

When you need an outdoor spring flag, you want a banner that spreads joy and the promise of new beginnings. You can have decorations that are bright and full of flowers. Those April showers will surely bring in May flowers, and you can plaster those flowers right up with your spring garden flag. For homeowners who are looking for more simplistic designs, you can also look for other symbols of spring, like a sunny day or a bunny rabbit.

Adirondack Arrangement Decorative Flag by Toland Home Garden

Best Overall

The gorgeous Adirondack Arrangement Decorative House Flag by Toland Home Garden is a single-sided flag that measures 28 by 40 inches. The flag’s design looks like a beautiful handmade scene that you would see in a blooming backyard garden. This banner is completely made of polyester and is mildew-resistant. The colors are also weatherproof and will resist UV rays to stay vibrant.

Welcome Magnolia Leaves Wreath Small Garden Flag

Best Simple Design

For those who take a minimalistic approach to their decorations, the Welcome Magnolia Leaves Wreath Small Garden Flag is the perfect choice. The design of the magnolia wreath is very simple and leans into the modern minimalist style. The wreath pops from the 12.5-by-18-inch flag so that your welcome sign really shines against the backdrop. The pattern is printed on both sides of the burlap.

Evergreen Flag Welcome Y'all Polka Dot Flowers Burlap House Flag

Best With Pop-Up Flowers

Want something that really pops off the fabric? The Evergreen Flag Welcome Y'all Polka Dot Flowers Burlap House Flag has got you covered. The fashionable blooms look great against the teal backdrop. The script is embroidered right into the burlap, and the 3D flowers are all gathered together in a cute bouquet. The fade-resistant fabric ensures that this flag will stay in your rotation.

The long-standing tradition of hanging spring flags is sure to be passed down to your children. It is an enjoyable way to welcome in the season, and these flags bring vibrant colors and designs to your home. These weather-resistant banners for spring will showcase your glee and spruce up your home in a simple way.