The best lace curtains to highlight your retro valence or modern space

Lace curtains are commonly found in homes because of their ability to provide privacy without blocking out light completely. Apart from functionality, lace curtains provide a romantic feel to any room without feeling tacky. To help you discover the right lace curtain for your home, we’ve revealed our favorite brands on this list.

Lace curtains come in a variety of patterns and designs. Most are crafted with traditional weaving techniques for an authentic look, but some are made using an applique method. Choose white or off-white lace curtains to bring light and space to a room, and opt for darker fabrics if you need more light filtration or privacy. Considering these important factors, let’s take a look at our top choices.

No. 918 Alison Floral Lace Curtain Panel

Best Overall

These floral white lace curtain panels from No. 918 will make any room feel more spacious as it filters sunlight without closing off the space. Achieve the optimal, space-enlarging illusion when you pair this curtain with a slightly darker wall color. The polyester fabric is durable and machine washable for easy cleaning. Note that this curtain is best bought as a set with valances and multiple panels.

Lorraine Home Fashions Hopewell Lace Curtain

Best Kitchen Tiers

Highlight your small kitchen window by strategically using this tier curtain from Lorraine Home Fashions. The fresh white color contrasts well with neutral kitchen walls or vivid kitchen tiles. Note that this machine-washable pair of bottom curtains is sold separately from the top tier. Keep in mind that each tier measures 58 inches wide and 36 inches long.

DII Sheer Lace Decorative Curtain Panels

Best Apron-Length

Dark and different, this gray lace curtain from DII is the best apron-length alternative to traditional ivory lace drapery. The geometric lattice pattern is modern enough for urban apartments but still works for more casual interior design. This delicate fabric is best used for windows that are not in high-traffic areas such as a bedroom or guest room.

Lace curtains may remind you of the English countryside or a bucolic farmhouse, but they work with any house decor whether modern, vintage, or contemporary. More traditional options lean toward floral patterns in a white fabric, but more dramatic choices include grays and blues. Whichever lace curtain you choose from our list, you’ll be surprised at how well it helps filter out light, provides privacy, and adds elegance.