The best bat boxes for nesting to encourage natural mosquito and bug control

Mosquito infestation can be handled very effectively without using any artificial pest control. Usage of bat boxes is environmentally friendly and economical that can yield the same results as artificial insecticides. Here, you’ll find three of the best bat boxes available in the market right now.

When looking for a bat box, always try to choose from the latest bat box designs on the market, as they offer higher success rates. If your house and yard have a bad case of mosquito infestation, a bat box can be your best choice.

You don’t have to worry about passive inhalation of toxic insecticides and getting sick. Bat boxes should be placed near a water source, around 15 feet above the ground. It should resemble the bark of a tree with reasonable warmth and darkness. The interior has to be rough so that the bats can cling on to the ceiling.

Kenley Bat house

Best Cedar Box

The Kenley Bat House is especially designed for bats based on latest research. It's easy to land and roost for bats. Its double-room design has an almost 80% success rate, which is higher than any single-room unit. Made from superior-quality cedarwood, the Kenley Bat Box can withstand any adverse weather and last for many years.

Applewood Outdoor Bat House

Best Durable Box

The Applewood Outdoor Bat House has made some quality improvements in its design from previous versions to ensure its longevity. High-quality western red cedar helps protect against harsh weather. Thick lumber provides better insulation, and finely grooved interiors make it easier for bats to land and roost.

BIGBATBOX Bat Houses for Outdoors

Best Color Options

This BCI-certified bat box has 98% occupancy, greater than any other noncertified bat house. Crafted from quality cedarwood, this bat box will give bats a warm and cozy home. Its dual-chamber design can hold no less than 75 bats. It comes in three different colors for you to choose from.

Bat boxes can easily eradicate mosquito infestation while keeping the environment clean. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on mosquito traps so that you can enjoy a quiet evening in your backyard.

You can just pick the best bat box you can find, and the bats will do the rest. All the products we have discussed above offer plenty of freedom in terms of choice while keeping the expense at a minimum. We believe that choosing any of the listed products is sure to satisfy anyone looking for a new bat box.