The best wreath bags for storing seasonal decor and other items

The wreath is a symbol of many special occasions and seasons, but storing one? Often a nightmare. Instead of shoving one into a tote or keeping it out in the open, find a specialized wreath bag to ensure protection and efficient storage. Our top choices for best wreath storage bags can provide you with precisely what you need.

Wreath bags are durable and provide basic protection against moisture, dust, and insects. They won’t crush or damage the wreath, and they ensure that you’re able to store each one safely. Let’s take a look at a few of our favorites to find the right one for your needs.

Handy Laundry Wreath Storage Bag

Best Tarp Bag

This large wreath storage bag provides a tarp material to keep out moisture and dust. The zippers are heavy-duty and close entirely without damaging the wreath. It has convenient handles, and the bright red color is easy to spot even in a crowded storage area. It can hold wreaths up to 30 inches in diameter and has a label on the front for easy identification.

Honey-Can-Do Wreath Storage

Best Canvas Bag

This durable, canvas storage bag provides a simple solution to your wreath storage problems. The zipper is smooth and heavy-duty, while canvas provides puncture-resistant and moisture-resistant protection for your wreath. Convenient handles make it easy to use; it can accommodate 30-inch wreaths.

HOMZ Wreath Plastic Storage Box

Best Plastic Storage

If you want more protection for your wreath, a hard-plastic shell is just the answer. The clear front gives you a look at what's inside, and the case is completely sealed. It comes with three sets of storage containers, and the nesting design is convenient and uses little space. It fits wreaths up to 24 inches in diameter.

Wreath protection and storage are challenging, but there is a way to achieve both. Our list of best wreath storage options, even double wreath storage bags, can give you what you need so your wreaths stay beautiful year after year. Use our favorite options and make storing your wreaths simple and secure.