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The best room darkening curtain rods for full coverage

Great-fitting curtain rods matter when getting your room darkening curtains to work right. That’s why these curtain rods are available in a variety of sizes and they’re all adjustable to get that right fit for your windows.

How many times have you woken up to a pesky ray of sunlight reaching around the edge of your curtains? The issue isn’t your curtains at all — it’s your curtain rods. These room darkening curtain rods can solve that issue so you can sleep in undisturbed.

Umbra Twilight Double Curtain Rod

Best Double Rod

The Umbra Twilight Double Curtain Rod’s wraparound design means your room darkening curtains sit flush against your wall, maximizing their effect. These room darkening double curtain rods allow you to pair two types or colors of curtains together. They’re available in three sizes and three finishes, and the telescoping double rod is adjustable for that perfect fit.

Kenney Adler Wrap-Around Curtain Rod

Best Versatile

Kenney Adler Wrap-Around Curtain Rods are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, so you can install them virtually anywhere within your home. The steel industrial design is modern but also functional, and these rods are ideal for use with room darkening rod pocket curtains. Available in two sizes, these rods are adjustable and project 3.5 inches away from the wall. Choose from brushed nickel or black to complement your interior’s color palette.

Urbanest Wrap-Around Curtain Rod

Best Simple Design

The Urbanest Wrap-Around Curtain Rod delivers a minimalist, modern design for a functional industrial touch. It projects 4 inches from the wall and can be mounted on your walls or ceiling, indoors or outdoors. Made from premium metal, this rustproof rod can hold up to 30 pounds, perfect for heavy curtains in large windows. The wraparound design ensures there’s no gap between the wall and your curtains. Choose from six sizes and eight eye-catching finishes.

Room darkening curtain rods can help to maximize the effectiveness of your room darkening curtains. These rods offer a wraparound design to seal out the light that so often comes in between your curtains and the window edges. Whether you want to catch those last few minutes of sleep or keep afternoon light out when you’re watching TV, these curtain rods can help.