The best jewelry trays for organizing your precious stones and trinkets

Some jewelry trays have different means of presenting or storing your pieces. Some will have ways to hang necklaces so they can be kept straight. Others may be as simple as a tray to hold favorite accessories nearby for easy access. They may also come in differing aesthetics. If you value a sleek and modern look, some trays can come in chromatic colors that will vibe with your personality. Others may opt for a classic black velvet look.

Even if your priority is simply storage and organization, there are better ways to do it for different types of jewelry. If you have necklaces, you want to keep those chains loose and untangled. For earrings, you want storage pockets that will either keep studs together or keep dangling earrings hanging and not crumpled up. Bracelets may either be placed in a storage container or hanging on a cylindrical shelving unit to hang free.

Umbra Prisma Tray

Most Modern Design

If you prefer your decorations in your room to fit your modern looks and style, the Umbra Prisma Tray will be a gorgeous and functional addition. It is a stylish brass-plated wire tray that is formed to look almost geode-like with a soft linen lining that will not get scratched up by different accessories placed upon it. You will be able to see your jewelry from all angles with its open design, and you can put this on your bedside to keep your favorites in arm’s reach. You can also place this on your vanity for a pop of chrome.

Ivosmart Velvet Jewelry Display Box

Best for Storage

If you have a lot of bits and bobs of jewelry that you need to keep all in one spot, the Ivosmart Velvet Jewelry Display Box will both display and keep it organized for you. The velvet can come in many colors so you can find the one that fits best with your aesthetic. The small compartments are perfect for earring studs, brooches, and rings. Most importantly, you can use the clear glass lid to see what you have stored at any time. The box comes with two integrated safety locks so you know that your jewelry is not going to go anywhere. This is a great gift to you or a loved one who needs a secure and organized place to hold everything.

ORIGIA Stackable Jewelry Tray

Best for Display

If you really want to go out in displaying and laying out all of your accessories, you will not be disappointed with the ORIGIA Stackable Jewelry Tray. The stackable jewelry tray makes this optimal for someone who has a lot of jewelry and not enough space to hold it all. This is also a great way to transport jewelry when you are on the go since it keeps all of the jewelry organized and safe together. The trays come in a variety of storage types, so you can put anything you can imagine in there and have it stay safe and sound.

You have a world of possibilities with these jewelry trays. Whether you want something more pronounced and aesthetically pleasing or something that will be your travel buddy wherever you go, you will find the right jewelry tray for you. When you take off those necklaces and earrings at the end of the day, you deserve to have a storage space that will keep them safe and organized for when you use them next.