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The best entryway tables for storage and decor

You’re afraid to decorate your front entrance in fear of making an already small space feel even more cramped. Fortunately, an entryway table is narrow enough to let you pass by comfortably while being wide enough to hold various items like lamps, keys, photographs, and more. We’ve already looked into the best styles here to help narrow down your choices.

The alternative term is entryway console table, but both refer to a narrow tall table placed against the wall by your front door. Most are rectangular with drawers or bottom shelves, though some feature a demilune shape that’s great if you have extra space to work with. Some entryway table decor ideas include potted plants, framed photographs, sculptures, lamps, and key bowls.

If you’re looking for some entryway table ideas, here are some of our recommendations.

Frenchi Home Furnishing Canterbury End Table

Best Minimalist

The Frenchi Home Furnishing table is a demilune style with a single top drawer and a bottom shelf. Its dovetail finish is extremely durable, while the optional bottom shelf makes it extra versatile. This table is 23.25 inches long, 11.62 inches wide, and 28.57 inches tall and is available in plain, matte white, or a glossy espresso.

Bush Furniture Salinas Accent Storage Cabinet

Best Extra Storage

The Bush Furniture table is more like a faux cabinet that gives you lots of extra storage without the bulk of a traditional dresser. Two doors, two open cubbies, and a top shelf give you endless storage options. The black distressed finish keeps this accent table from looking too formal or foreboding, making your entryway feel inviting.

VASAGLE Console Table

Best Design

The VASAGLE table is an engineered wood and metal product in a contemporary design. Its thin legs, open shelf, and tall height make this feel on-trend and compatible with apartment living. The top shelf can hold up to 44 pounds, while the bottom accommodates a modest 11 pounds. Overall, it measures 39.4 inches long, 13.8 inches wide, and 31.5 inches high.

Entryway tables jazz up the area from your front door to your living room. Before starting your search, first take into account size, material, and shape. Whether it’s a traditional cabinet style, a modern industrial table, or a modest demilune, you’ll find the right table for your home in this comprehensive list.

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Hillman Plate Hangers 
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Elf Stor Ornament Storage Chest
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