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This cozy fire pit is the perfect accent piece for your patio

The perfect way to enjoy a brisk evening is around a fire pit in the backyard. There is something so cozy and magical enjoying time with family and friends around a fire. Sitting around toasting marshmallows and making s’mores just seems to melt all the stress away. A fire pit is such a charming addition to an outdoor space especially if you can also grill on it. The smell of the fire, the flickering flames, they just create a wonderful ambience. 

What do you want to look for in a fire pit? Fuel use is a personal preference, but it also may be part of your local codes. Sturdy and safe construction is important. It should be moveable but heavy enough that it won’t blow away or tip over.

It should be the right size for a backyard gathering and it needs to have air flow to keep the fire going and create even heat disbursement. There should be safety features to prevent embers from flying all over. The base should protect the surface underneath from fire damage.

There are pretty fire pits that fall down on the safety aspects and safe fire pits that are less than attractive additions to an outdoor design.

So, what fire pit will supply the magic to help you create the perfect evening with a flickering fire and friends?

Our pit pick

For about $100, we like the Hampton Bay Piedmont 30” Steel Fire Pit with poker. On a number of sites with reviews, it garnered 4.5 to 5 stars.

It has a 12-inch deep bowl coated with high temperature paint. Many other fire pits say in their descriptions that the paint will fade or peel on the bowl area. You can view the fire from all angles; that also means if you are using the barbecue function, several of your guests can be toasting their marshmallows at the same time.

fire pit at duskThe grill is mounted on a swivel so when you are done using it, and it’s too hot to remove, you can swivel it to the side and enjoy your fire.

There is a mesh screen for safety and a safety ring around the pit can also be used as a handle.

This is important — there is a heat deflector on the base to protect the surface under the fire pit.

It includes a poker.

Reviews note it’s a great size for grilling hot dogs and hamburgers as well as making s’mores.  The depth of the bowl is the perfect size for a cozy fire.

A fire pit will bring warmth and charm to your outdoor space. It will provide a focal point to your design as well as a gathering point for family and friends. The costs vary greatly  and you should look over the reviews. They also come in various stages of assembly, which could dictate what you buy. Our pick, the Hampton Bay Piedmont Fire Pit, requires minimum assembly. A fire pit will be great for entertaining and be a nice asset to your outdoor space.

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