The best lint traps

Controlling lint is important while washing or drying clothes. Too much lint buildup in either machine could mean a fire or a flood. Take a gander at these lint traps, which aim to help prevent such laundry-room disasters.

Lint traps typically are connected to a washing-machine hose that drains into a laundry room sink or on a clothes dryer. Traps that are either easy to install or perform the job a long time include these models.

Big Kitchen Sink Washing Machine Lint Traps

Best overall

Big Kitchen Sink offers a 12-pack of washing-machine lint traps that serve as a top choice. Stainless steel and rust proof, the traps attach to a washer-sink hose and filter laundry water via a metal mesh trap.

BetterVent Indoor Dryer Vent Kit

Best for dryer vents

In terms of a superior dryer lint trap, BetterVent’s vent kit is designed to protect indoor air quality and save energy. It features a double-filter system to capture both lint and dust.

O’Malley Valve Co. Fabric Lint Traps

Best value

Made of fabric mesh with cable ties, the O’Malley Valve Co. lint traps can prevent lint from clogging a laundry tub or sink. The traps can easily be slipped onto the end of a hose, and they are designed to be long-lasting and rustproof.

No matter if they’re catching lint from a washing machine or dryer, traps play a vital role in laundry room safety and efficiency. These lint traps are designed to check all those boxes.

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