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The best room divider curtain for convenient room separation

Life with roommates is fun, but sometimes you need a little extra privacy. Room divider curtains are a simple solution to create the space you need with affordability and easy installation. When you’re ready to move, take them with you and set them up at your new place.

If you need to create a silent area within a room, a divider curtain can be the noise-reducing solution that you’ve always wanted. They are convenient and add a soft shield to create privacy and promote better sleep. Make the most of your space and block light with these convenient drapes that look good in any room. Let’s take a look at our favorites.

NICETOWN Room Divider Curtain

Best Overall

Made from imported polyester, the NICETOWN Room Divider Curtain offers the right amount of heaviness and thickness to create a sense of privacy in any room. With 14 polished silver grommets, this modern-looking drape is a space solution that is soft to the touch. Use it in lofts or studio apartments to create optional divisions as needed.

RYB HOME Wall Divider Curtain

Best for Noise Reduction

Keep sound out when you need silence with the convenience of the RYB HOME Wall Divider Curtain. Its sound-absorbing fabric decorates any room while creating a personal space and blocking light. Use it to insulate summer heat and winter chill while saving energy. Its multifunctional design is perfect for clinics, bars, closets, or offices.

Rose Home Fashion Room Divider

Best Privacy

Keep light from one side of your room with the Rose Home Fashion Room Divider. This privacy drape hides body shapes and maximizes your space with superior quality fabric. Make half of your room a workspace and the other half a sleeping area with these drapes that block computer or TV lights and ensure restful sleep.

Privacy and noise reduction are easy to accomplish with a room divider curtain. The items on our list are easy to install and offer a non-permanent solution that can go with you whenever you move. Use them to block light or noise while giving yourself the option to slide them open for versatility.