The best flower boxes for your home

Flower window boxes are an inexpensive way to enhance the curb appeal of your home. It’s also easy to personalize the look of your apartment balcony with a flower box for railings. With these ideas, you can boost your outdoor decor and bring nature closer to you.

Even your most delicate flowers are easy to care for with a flower planter box. These convenient solutions help you move your plants around to ensure the perfect growing conditions. With the flower boxes on our list, your green babies get the right amount of sunlight, air, and water. Let’s take a look at our favorites.

Novelty Countryside Flower Box Planter

Best Value

Gardening is easy and inexpensive with the Novelty Countryside Flower Box Planter. Its charming design and natural matte finish are elegant. They match any decorative style and look good season after season. Made from super-tough plastic, they won’t fade with the sun and are appropriate for indoor or outdoor use.

Bloem Dura Cotta Plant Window Box

Best Durability

For committed gardeners, the Bloem Dura Cotta Plant Window Box is a long-lasting planter solution. Season after season, this classic garden accessory hosts all types of plants while looking great. It enhances your indoor and outdoor decor to adorn any area of your home. Its convenient design features a removable saucer tray that captures excess water and ensures proper drainage. This helps your plants grow better and stronger.

Classic Home and Garden Corinthian Trough Planter

Best Corinthian Design

For a standout design, the Classic Home and Garden Corinthian Trough Planter is the gardening solution for your home. It’s trendy yet understated as it transports you to a Greek isle from the comfort of your own home. Made from stone dust blended with resin and silicon, you’ll find that this durable planter feels high-end.

Give your garden, balcony, or windows a breath of fresh air with the beauty of plants. The flower box planters on our list enhance any space in your home. Whether you use them indoors or outside, these portable planters make it easy to care for your green areas. They allow you to move plants around as needed and let you give your most delicate flowers the extra attention they need.