The best double curtain rod to create a classic valance or black-out curtain addition

You can easily mix and match curtain styles when you purchase a double curtain rod. These rods also allow you to change out your curtains without having to buy additional rods as your style changes.

There are many benefits to a double curtain rod as opposed to a single. A double curtain rod gives you flexibility in the curtains you choose for a room. You can place a sheer fabric on the inner rod and a heavy-duty or blackout curtain on the outer rod. This lets you adjust how much light comes in as well as regulates the temperature in your house. Another option is using a curtain on the inner rod and a valance on the outer rod for a professional-looking window treatment.

Decopolitan Beme Urn Double Rod

Best Classic Design

When elegance is your style, the Decopolitan Beme Urn Double Rod will deliver that exact thing for you. The two rods are adjustable in size so you can lengthen the rods to fit over your windows with the precise amount of overhang. The mounting hardware is included. Specifically, the rod brackets are shaped as a curved flourish, giving the curtain rods a dignified look. The knobs on the ends ensure your curtains stay in place and complement any decor.

Umbra Twilight Double Curtain Rod Set

Best Light Blocking

If you just need the light out of your room, the Umbra Twilight Double Curtain Rod Set has taken care of that for you. What sets this double curtain rod set apart is the curved design on the ends of the curtain rods. This makes it easy to push the curtains flush against the wall to prevent any light from coming in. Getting the right pair of blackout curtains with these double curtain rods will give you the right amount of darkness to sleep in no matter what time of day.

AmazonBasics Double Curtain Rod

Easiest to Install

Looking for the right double curtain rod that also includes an easy set up? The AmazonBasics Double Curtain Rod has got you covered. The curtain rods are adjustable from 36 to 72 inches in length. The ends of each rod feature a square knob that is both visually appealing and a safeguard for the rods against the wall. Most importantly, the mounting brackets featured with these curtain rods will hold both rods at once, so installing the brackets is simpler than most.

Once you get double curtain rods, you will be asking yourself why you did not purchase them earlier. From the ability to keep light completely out of your room to the mix and match fun that you can have, you will love the flexibility these double curtain rods offer. Find the ones perfect for your home and start decorating.