DIY remodeling on a budget: Your living room

If you’re moving into a new home but aren’t feeling the old living room design, we’ve got you covered. Similarly, if your existing decor feels like it needs an upgrade, keep on reading. There are many different living room remodel ideas out there, but here are some incredibly easy projects that are all $1,000 or under. Let’s get started.

Swap your carpet for new floors
Large living room with sofa and chair

Carpet flooring was all the rage in years past, but the future is wood, concrete, and tile. Plush carpets might seem appealing for family homes, but in reality, they require a lot of maintenance. They are also more prone to spills and discoloration, which isn’t such a good thing around children. Strip away your existing carpet floors and see if there’s wood underneath. If so, you’re in luck!

You simply need to sand the floors down and apply a new stain to make them look new again. If you need to lay down new flooring and you like the look of wooden floors, laminate is a good substitute. Either option costs less than a thousand bucks and requires just a weekend to complete.

To protect your new or existing floors, our next tip might help.

Embrace the power of an eye-catching area rug.

A beautiful patterned rug can immensely improve the look of your living room while also protecting your floors from scratches, scrapes, and stains. For instance, this fun, hand-braided cotton rug from Zipcode Design serves as a great focal point for your floors at only about $500. The rainbow of colors allows you to choose an accent color you can incorporate through the rest of your living room decor.

This large, 12-by-15 rug is also stain resistant, making it perfect for busy households with little children. The soft cotton provides a comfortable area for playing, lounging, and hanging out. If you happen to have downstairs neighbors or children who are light sleepers, this rug reduces noise with every step.

Replace old furniture with new finds

Sometimes rearranging furniture isn’t enough of a change, so this is an opportunity to search for new furniture. Keep in mind that new doesn’t have to mean straight out of the showroom. Thrift store finds and antique gems add wonder and character to any room, especially in larger areas like bedrooms and living rooms.

Consider reclaimed wood tables with metal features for versatile decorating options. For instance, this condo coffee table from Magnussen Home Furnishings combines dark reclaimed wood and distressed iron legs for a contemporary table that also doubles as a storage compartment. It measures 24 inches in height, 48 inches in length, and 18 inches in width, making it suitable for standard size living rooms that need an upgrade. Considering the unique characteristics of this table and its secret drawer, $470 is a steal.

Repaint the walls

Living room with orange wall and sofa

Another classic living room remodel idea is to repaint your walls. Calm shades like green, white, blue, or off-yellow help make your living room appear more spacious, but feel free to decorate the wall behind your couch with a patterned design. Alternatively, you can install open shelving behind for more storage and to dress up the wall without having to use wallpaper.

Darker shades tend to make rooms feel more intimate, but don’t shy away from jewel tones like red, emerald, blue, and even orange if you want to make a statement and stay on trend.

Painting a room will only set you back around $300, which includes the cost of paint, primer, and painting tools. Larger rooms will cost more so consider paints that require no primer to save you both time and money.

Remodeling your living room might be necessary when you’re moving into a new space with outdated features. Try switching out carpets for fresh new wood or wood laminate to modernize the room. If your floors aren’t the issue, consider purchasing an area rug and furniture or attending estate sales for some vintage pieces. With any of the living room remodel projects here, you’ll want to renovate other parts of your home when you discover just how easy it is to make a room look great without spending a fortune.

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