The best unit heaters for portable warmth while working around the house

If the cold is keeping you out of your workshop, and you don’t have the time to install insulation systems, unit heaters provide the portable and convenient solution to your problem. They start working the minute you plug them in, to create a comfortable environment where you can work again.

Staying warm during winter months doesn’t mean that you must spend a ton on expensive installations or heating solutions. With a unit heater, you can easily solve temperature problems in your garage, basement, or outside structures and get back to work right away. These easy-to-use and durable units create the comfort you need as quickly as you need it. Let’s take a look at our favorites.

Dyna-Glo Forced air Heater

Best Overall

The Dyna-Glo Forced air Heater features 135,000 BTUs of heating power to warm up a room of up to 3,200 square feet. With dual-heat technology and commercial-grade capacity, you can control the thermostat of this indoor/outdoor unit with ease. It also works with seven different types of fuel for up to 14 hours of versatility and optimal performance.

Dr. Heater Commercial Heater

Best Durable

When you need a long-lasting unit, the Dr. Heater Commercial Heater is the best option. This commercial electric solution is heavy-duty and versatile. Install your unit on the wall or mount it to the ceiling with the included bracket, for maximum airflow with minimum turbulence and noise.

Fahrenheat FUH54 Unit Heater

Best for Garages

Keep your garage temperature comfortable with the Fahrenheat FUH54 Unit Heater. This compact heater has a built-in single pole thermostat to adjust temperature from 45 to 135 degrees F. It is rugged and heavy-duty, while allowing easy vertical or horizontal mounting.

Whether you work indoors or outdoors, temperature control during winter months is essential to your productivity and comfort. With a unit heater, you can maintain your output levels and keep yourself warm safely. The products on our list are efficient and crucial to maintain the temperature levels of your workshop during winter months. Find the right one for your room size and needs, and stay comfy all year long.

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