The best storage benches to keep your stuff organized

There are potentially endless ways to use storage benches in your home. Put your new bench to work as a playroom storage solution, a place to store your knitting supplies when not in use, and even a shoe storage bench.

Are you starting to resent your home or do you feel yourself getting worked up when you arrive home? Clutter could be to blame. According to Psychology Today, a cluttered home can make you feel anxious, stressed, and even overwhelmed. Storage benches can help with making it easier to get organized or to get the clutter out of your line of sight.

Simpli Home Storage Ottoman

Best Faux Leather

You’ll get the luxurious look of leather for less with the Simpli Home Storage Ottoman. This ottoman has been hand built with solid wood, and a beautiful faux leather upholstery gives it the perfect finish. Its generous interior gives you plenty of storage space, and its classic style makes it perfect as an entryway storage bench. It’s also equipped with a child safety hinge to help keep little fingers from getting pinched.

ClosetMaid Cubeicals Storage Bench

Best Open Storage

The ClosetMaid Cubeicals Storage Bench is an easy and attractive way to organize your space. Measuring 35.27 in. x 14.01 in. x 18.5 in., this bench is compact enough to fit into many spaces while still offering plenty of storage. A full back panel ensures items won’t fall out the back and means you can choose to use fabric drawers with this bench. The top cushion makes for a comfy seat, ideal as a bench with storage for entryway spaces.

Otto & Ben Folding Toy Box Chest

Best Fabric Bench

The Otto & Ben Folding Toy Box Chest’s tweed, colored fabric looks smart and is perfect in living rooms, playrooms, and bedrooms. This chest features a Smart Lift Top lid you can open from either side, so you don’t have to clear off all of the items that are sitting on top of the bench. Comfy foam padding means this bench can double as a seat. It’s available in two sizes.

The right storage bench won’t just make a space neater, but can be a stylistic statement, too. All of these picks are durable and designed to help make your life easier. Wouldn’t your home look great with less clutter?