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The best adjustable curtain rods for versatility

An adjustable window curtain rod is easy to install, a great option if you’re not allowed to drill holes in your walls. Installing an adjustable curtain rod, which uses constant tension to remain in place, means you won’t leave unsightly scratches or gouges in your walls.

Did you know using a long adjustable curtain rod can make your room appear larger? Using an adjustable curtain rod longer than your window makes the window itself seem bigger than it is, which creates an optical illusion that your room is larger. If you want to find the best adjustable curtain rod for your space, check out some of our favorites.

AmazonBasics Tension Curtain Rod

Most Rust-resistant

If you want an adjustable shower curtain that's easy to install and won't rust, look no further than this affordable option from AmazonBasics. It adjusts to fit showers from 54 to 90 inches, so it will work perfectly in almost any bathroom.

The streamlined minimal styling gives an updated feel to your bathroom, and you won't have to drill any holes to install this curtain rod. All you do is twist it, extend it, and slot it into place. The tension does the rest of the work for you.

Rod Desyne Oval Spring Tension Rod

Best Non-damaging Ends

While you'll need a screwdriver to adjust this spring-powered adjustable curtain rod, it still takes only minutes to install. This curtain rod from Rod Desyne won't leave scratches on your walls thanks to its plastic end caps, which grip firmly without causing damage. Designed to fit in showers from 36 to 60 inches and made from durable steel, this inexpensive curtain rod offers great value for money.

iDesign Cameo Metal Tension Rod

Best Matte Finish

This minimal curtain rod from iDesign adjusts from 43 to 75 inches. Made from rust-resistant steel with rubber ends, you can easily install this curtain rod without scuffing up your walls. It uses spring tension to lock into place, making it a perfect option for any room. The matte black finish looks sophisticated and contemporary without overwhelming your space.

You can maintain a cohesive color scheme by using a curtain rod in a similar color as your drapes, or you can add a touch of drama with contrasting colors. Installing an adjustable curtain rod is a simple task, and you’ll be delighted by the way small details can improve your space.

The 3 living room paint colors all the trendiest experts are using
Living room paint colors you need in your home
Modern Scandinavian living room style

When it comes to choosing paint color, it can feel overwhelming with all the choices available. So much depends on the amount of light in your room, whether you're looking to brighten up the space or add more character and mood, and finding the perfect shade to complement the rest of your decor. Living room colors are some of the most important in the home because this is the space where you entertain and gather.

If you find that staring at the color wheels in your local hardware store is causing you stress, you're not alone. Color can look entirely different in the store than in your home, so bring as many samples home to see them "in real life" before you buy. If you need help with what's trending for living room paint colors, keep reading.

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These are the best plants to put in your shower for a nature-inspired sanctuary
Adding a plant to your shower benefits both you and the plant
Bathroom with orange walls

Bathroom plants are a rising trend, and for good reason. Who wouldn't want to add a touch of refined nature or create a cozy farmhouse feel in their bathroom? Placing a plant in the shower, however, might seem a bit odd. The truth is, there are many benefits to having a plant in your shower, both for you and for the plant itself. We're going to discuss some of these benefits, and we're going to give you some ideas for the best plants to put in your shower. Once you've added a touch of nature to your shower, you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner.

Why put plants in your shower?
Above and beyond adding a bit of color to your dim shower, there are some health and environmental benefits to keeping plants in your shower.
Less unwanted moisture
It's no secret that bathrooms tend to be hot spots for humidity. Excessive amounts of moisture, however, can have some adverse effects. Mold can grow around your bathroom, the paint on the walls can peel, and certain nasty bugs are attracted to moist places. A shower plant can help reduce unwanted moisture in your bathroom and minimize some of these issues. Since plants need water, they suck it right out of the air, providing the added benefit of not having to water the plant as often.
Cleaner air
You probably know that plants pull carbon dioxide out of the air and emit oxygen, right? But did you know that while this process is taking place, the plant is also filtering the air and pulling toxins out of it? With all of the cleaning products, hair products, and other nasty molecules that leave toxins in your bathroom's air, having a shower plant will allow you to breathe a bit easier and healthier.
Mental health benefits
Having indoor plants comes with numerous health benefits, but the most significant are the benefits to your mental health. We all know that plants are therapeutic, and studies have shown that plants help with stress relief, energy boosts, and even increased concentration and productivity. Why not reap all these mental health benefits right at the start of your day while you shower in the morning?
Elevated decor
Let's face it, indoor plants are beautiful, and they add so much charm and character to any room. Why not apply that same philosophy to your bathroom and shower? Having a plant in your shower is not only trendy and aesthetically pleasing, but it will leave you feeling like you're showering in the tropics.
The plants love it
Putting a plant in the shower not only benefits you, but it also benefits the plant itself. Many plants thrive in humid environments, so you'll see them flourish in your bathroom. If you tend to forget to water your plants for long periods of time, having them in an already moist area will allow you to feel less guilty about neglecting them.

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A perfect neutral: These are the best cream paint colors
Cream paint is warm and inviting and just may be the next color for your walls
Cream paint being poured into a paint tray

Cream is an elegant and timeless color that can easily make a room feel warm and bright. Sitting just between yellow and off-white, cream paint pairs well with bold hues in large spaces but can also stand alone to create a serene vibe in smaller ones. Regardless of your chosen design aesthetic, you can find a cream paint color that works for you. Whether you're considering an entire remodel or just a quick refresh, cream may be the way to go. If you’ve been searching for the perfect neutral hue that is classic, warm, and inviting, check out these cream shades that are sure to elevate your next redesign.

What colors are in cream?
At its most basic level, the color cream is a combination of yellow and white. However, if you’ve been shopping for cream paint, you already know it is far more complicated than that when you’re face to face with dozens of differing paint swatches. These days, there are thousands of different shades of cream, with each one bringing something slightly different to the table.

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