The best small jewelry boxes for keeping earrings, necklaces, and other trinkets

When you take the time to choose a special outfit and do your hair or your makeup, the look isn’t complete until you add the perfect jewelry. When you keep these accessories in a small box for jewelry, they’re easier to find so you can add that special touch that complements your style.

Avoid wearing the same jewelry week after week. With the small jewelry boxes on our list, you can keep your ornaments tidy and wear them more often to enhance your fashionable outfits. Let’s take a look at our favorite small jewelry organizers to safeguard and make the most of your lovely accessories.

Vlando Travel Jewelry Box

Best Overall

With a simple and compact design, the Vlando Travel Jewelry Box stores your valuable jewelry at home or while you travel. Its deluxe synthetic leather exterior gives this sturdy box a delicate and elegant appearance, while the velvet lining and flannel interior care for your delicate jewelry. Designed with ring rolls, an elastic wall pocket and dividers, this box makes it easy for you to care for your jewelry.

misaya Jewelry Box

Most Economical Design

Featuring a double layer, the misaya Jewelry Box is a space-saving storage box that offers maximum organization for your accessories. You will love the convenience of this box’s necklace hooks, ring rolls, adjustable dividers, an elastic storage bag and a stud plate for up to 10 pairs of earrings. Featuring PU leather and a soft bead velvet lining, this box protects your jewelry and keeps it neat with an elegant buckle closure.

Umbra Tesora Jewelry Box

Best with Removable Lid

Beautiful and functional, the Umbra Tesora Jewelry Box is a fashionable jewelry box for the modern woman. Its two-tier storage offers versatility so you can stack or separate the bowls and use them to decorate your nightstand. Keep your favorite accessories handy and protect them from scratches with the soft fabric lining of this impactful jewelry box. Made from stylish concrete and a removable copper lid, this multiuse box is trendy and durable.

Finding an attractive and convenient storage solution for your jewelry is the key to keeping it organized and avoiding damage. With the items on our list, you’ll finally stop losing your favorite accessories. Instead, you’ll find them easily every time and will always look stylish.