The best key hangers for keeping your keys and accessories in one organized place

Apart from the organizational aspect, many people use the wall hanger for keys to also help them keep track of the family and things going around in the house. If you get a wall hanger with a mailbox, you can leave notes or mail in there for the next person to pick up and sort through. You can also label each hook so that everyone stays consistent and you can know who’s home.

Wall key hangers are functional pieces of hardware that will store your keys in one convenient place. You can keep track of all types of keys: work keys, home keys, car keys, and more. Feel free to place labels on top of hooks so that you know which ones are which. That makes it really easy to look over and find exactly what you are looking for. When you get home, they will have the perfect place for you to hang them each time.

mDesign Wall-Mount Mail Organizer Storage Basket

Best Construction

This five-hook key hanger makes it easy for you to store all your keys. There is a small storage basket at the top, which is great for mail, sunglasses, and other things you do not want to forget before you step out of the door. You can also easily store leashes there so that your dog-walking routine is streamlined.

Comfify Key Holder

Best Ease of Installation

This holder is made out of recycled iron, which gives it a vintage look while also staying sturdy. The cute design spelling out “keys” reminds you where to put all of your keys at the end of the day. The key hanger also includes screws and anchors so that you can put this up right away.

Command Key Rail

Best Functionality

When you need those key holders right away, grab the Command Key Rail wall hangers. Each hook is half an inch wide and can carry up to 2 pounds. The whole rail itself is 8 inches wide. The hooks are a simple silver color and the rail is a bright white so it can blend right into your walls. It also comes with six command strips to attach it.

Hanging up your keys makes it easier to grab and go. Forget the key dish and stop using some random bag. Everything has its place in your home, and your future self will thank you for the easy and convenient storage space for your keys.