The best hanging laundry hamper to help you save floor space

You don’t have to use precious floor space to store your dirty clothes until laundry day. A hanging hamper helps keep dirty laundry out of sight until you’re ready to wash. The designs on our list are smart, functional, and give you plenty of space to hold the clothing you need to clean without ever taking up any floor space.

A hanging hamper can go behind a door or in a corner where it doesn’t interrupt the visual flow of the room. You can store your laundry here until you’re ready, unhooking the hamper, and heading to the laundry. Use one of the hampers here for excellent durability and service.

Smart Design Deluxe Mesh Over-The-Door Hamper

Best Collapsible

The mesh hanging hamper gives you a wide mouth for easy stuffing while the mesh allows full air circulation. Reinforced handles make it straightforward to carry while the hook design attaches quickly to any hook you have. It holds up to three loads of laundry.

Household Essentials Hanging Canvas Laundry Hamper

Most Versatile

A black hanging hamper hides your dirty clothing without taking up valuable floor space. The canvas exterior is machine washable, and a metal rim keeps the bag open when you need it. Hook it over a variety of places to store clothes and then toss the entire thing in the wash to freshen it up.

The Fine Living Company Laundry Hamper

Most Durable

The two-hook design of this laundry bag keeps laundry out of sight and holds more laundry than most bags can. It uses a durable material designed to resist moisture while the ultra-strong chrome hooks don’t bend or break. It tests the limits of what a hanging laundry hamper can hold, and you can wipe it clean.

A hanging laundry basket provides space to store your laundry without anything being on the floor. Whether you choose the back of the door or wall space, this idea is a space-saving feat that keeps your area tidy, and your laundry wrangled. Our options are excellent choices, so transform your laundry storage.