The best closet rod brackets for added support to hang clothes in your wardrobe

Many closet rods are inserted through a shelf support for extra stability. Even with the extra support, having too much weight on your closet rod can still stress it enough to splinter and break. This can also mean that the shelf goes down with it. The closet rod and shelf bracket will make sure that everything stays in its place.

A closet rod support bracket is so important in keeping a closet safe and sturdy. They keep rods up even when you hang up of your clothes and coats. When you have a lot of heavier clothing like winter coats and collapsing hangers of pants, you need a sturdy place to put them on. Invest in brackets for your closet rod and feel relieved with the extra support.

Prime-Line Closet Pole Sockets

Best Value

These are a great pair of closet rod brackets that will not break the bank. These sockets can mount 1 3/8 inch closet poles. The white color will help them blend into your closets, so they are rendered nearly invisible after you install them. The plastic is molded to have a thick bottom ring to keep the rods packed in snugly.

Simple Houseware Adjustable Closet Hanging Rod

Best Simple Design

Sometimes simplicity is key, and this rod gives you a functional and simple hanging rod to use. This stainless-steel

rod hangs from the original closet rod to increase the amount of storage space in your closet. You can even adjust the height so you can choose how much space is between the new rod and the original closet rod.

BTMB Stainless Steel Wardrobe Pole

Best Styling

This pole give a sleek and futuristic look for the modern home. These rings are easy to install. Simply install one and then put the rod through before installing the next one. This makes sure that the closet rod stays straight. The brackets are 3.46 inches tall and provide an even place for your rods to rest on.

Make sure that everything stays up and organized in your closet. Whether you need to make sure the clothes in your closet stay up or if you have clothes stored away that need a little organization, investing in closet rod brackets can make all the difference in your home.